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Federation in game?

Just like the FFF, but in the game! I personally think it is a hassle to have to have a discord to join, especially since I do not have a discord, but it would be still nice to join a federation.

Right now the only way I can think of to have a “federation” is to have diplomatic relations to all the different commonwealths, and that could become a problem with new members joining all the time.

So maybe an interface could be added so you can talk and trade and whatever with the commonwealth buds!
Really want this to be added as I want in but I do not have a discord.
The reason the discord federations exist is to prepare for the addition of federations in the near future. So, they will be added, we just aren't sure when.
What's the difference between common wealth and a federation?
Commonwealths are groups of nonindependent colonies. Federations are large groups of commonwealths.
Ok so I have declared independence and have 1 commonwealth under me. If I join a common wealth will I keep the one that's under me?

Edit: I don't plan on joining a common wealth wasjust curious.
I think it requires you to have no colonies under you in order for you to join another Commonwealth. That means you have to Rescind all of your sub colonies before joining.
you dont have discord...?why its a simple download to do and it helps u become more organised and u are able to get more help by those who understand the game not mention ressources should u need them are easy to come by there is nothing wrong with discord ppl "cant" download discord are just plain lazy lol my opinion anyways
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