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Idea spitfire #2

Hello everyone, I'm back from a bit of a hiatus. So I thought why not just spitfires more ideas and, well, here I am! So let's get going!

First up on my ideas list: Choosing where you expand into in singleplayer mode. This has been a bit of a pet peeve for me, since I really like organization(in some games) and My Colony is on of those games.

Tick counter( Fps counter but with ticks) this will allow developers or a mod of map determine if it's a good idea due to the amount of lag( or ticks) they get per second. This could be optional too with a button in the settings. This would be in the top left, depending on where the resourse bar is.

Another easy race. This will allow new players to make a decision that will lead them down 3 diffrent paths; they could choose UE based, I (Insectoids) based, or AD(Alpha Draconians) based. Because in the current state, you can barely get anything done in the early games of all exept UE, because it's such a grind.

Resourse management tips. These could help players who have no clue what the numbers on the side of the screen are. Thsi was part of the problem when I wanted my friends to play with me; they didnt know how to balance resources! I can't explain the logic behind the game because frankly, I still dont get this game. Confusing: but hella fun at the same time.

WARNING: REALLY CONTROVERSIAL TOPIC HERE: Voice chat. My idea is this: we all know how to talk I'm fairly certain( unless your deaf, then that sucks) and because(as with me) you've seen that some people have horrific spelling, and sometimes you cnat put the words down and you gotta say it. I think this would also make it so that players believe they are taking to real people instead of computers.

Building off of this, if ya dont want a voice chat system you could set up an OFFICAL My Colony discord server. We have plenty gamers here that have discord. So why the heck not? You wouldnt even have to run it. Long time contributors can run it.

What do you think about the discord idea? Tell Me! Head over to the NOZ channel and talk to us and give feedback!

Thanks for tuning into the end of Spitfire Ideas#2. I really like making these, so expect some more!

(Edit: title was spelled wrong)
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