I believe that there should be more trees and greenery.

Fir Tree Substitutes:
-Birch; Lumberbot, Greenbot
-Oak; LB, GB
-Maple: Premium; LB, GB

Smaller Harvestable Trees
-Desert Scrub; Enslaved Lumberbug
Costs 7 water
5 Wood
Spreads faster than fir tree but slower than sugarcane.

-Yucca Tree; EL, Lumberbug, LB, GB, Worker Drone
Costs 20 water
10 wood, 25 sugar, 15 food
Slower than fir

Larger Harvestable Trees
-Wild Cypress; LB, GB
Costs 350 water
200 wood
Faster than fir

-Cedar; LB, GB
Costs 1250 water
1000 wood
Slower than fir

-Forest; 5*5; LB, GB
Costs 20000 water, 2000 sugar, 1500 ant paste, and 1000 food
15000 wood
Does not spread

Other Spreading Plants
-Shrub; WD
Costs 15 water
25 food and 50 sugar
Faster than sugarcane

-Wild Flowers; GB
Costs 5 water
Spreads same rate as fir

-Bamboo; GB, WD
Costs 40 water
Spreads same rate as fir

Other Plants
-Hedge; GB
Costs 25 water
Great landscaping that provides some privacy.
Does not spread

-Dogwood/Cherry; Premium; GB
Costs 25 water
No wood content
Doesn't spread

Bamboo Grove; Premium; GB
Costs 1500 water, 50 wood, 10 clay

Peaceful Grove; Premium; GB
Costs 2500 water, 150 wood, 50 clay
Various trees around a pool of water

Dec. Shrub; GB, EL, LB, WD
Costs 15 water
Just a little decorative shrub.

-National Park
Upgrade from Park
Costs 50000 water, 25000 ore, 15000 gold, 10000 sugar, 5000 ant paste, 50000 wood, 50000 clay, 100 plastic, 100 pottery, 100 brick
10 workers
10000 entertainment
5000 tourists
$5 admission

Costs 250000 water, 150000 clay, $25000, 50000 wood, 15000 ore, 1500 plastic, 500 oil, 5000 steel, 1500 bricks
Consumes 250 power, oil, water, clay, and food
Produces money
100 workers
10000 entertainment
25000 tourists

Not complete. Will be edited later.