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ematarkus said:1) I bought the premium account using google play store, using google play vouchers. So there is no linked account, and there is now keyfile. That's what they don't tell while selling premium accounts via google play mechanism. Anyway, I am fine with buying twice. I like the role of being a supporter.

2) The video to being optional is no excuse. You just don't do this to paid accounts! never! seriously no one does so! Yes its optional. And if you don't pay with your time (watching) then others will gain more ressources than me. Thats not how premium accounts are intended to work in general.

Admittedly, the random resources probably don't even matter. but nevertheless, it destroys the feeling and if feels wrong. You either understand it or you understand it not. It's a bit subjective.

Well, @Wubman is correct, that if you sign in to your Android device using your Ape Apps account, it should detect that you have the premium upgrade and sync it to your account for all devices. You do not need a key file, and it doesn't matter if you used a voucher or a credit card. That is how it is supposed to work anyway.

As for the video, I understand the concern, but I guess the solution is as you mentioned in your own post, to not even show the galactic emperor message on the Premium version, but then that could put you at a disadvantage against non-premium players.

I suppose the premium version can just give you the galactic emperor gift straight up, without presenting the video. I am not against making that change tbh. I just had not given it much thought before, and you are the first person I've seen to complain about the galactic emperor gifts being present in the premium version.
5y ago
I decided to put a few things here in this one post, since I don't want to make a bunch of posts on a site that severely hurts my eyes because of how very white it is on a screen at night.

Sending Messages
Currently the game's message system sucks, badly. 120 characters, and it doesn't even show a counter of how many characters you have left, it just fails to send message and you have to type it all out all over again....

We need to be able to send longer messages than this. I don't know if this is just non-premium accounts, but there's no indication that premium users can send longer messages. Messages in this game need to be detailed so we can cooperate better with each other. I'd say, up the non-premium message length to 200 characters, and give premium users a message length of 2000 characters.

I think of myself as the diplomatic type, and I type a lot and in highly detailed messages. I can't do this with a message limit so small even a text message app would be ashamed.

Not to mention, I think messages should go to accounts, rather than colonies. But thats up to you, it would be nice to have colony messages and account messages for users with accounts. So they don't even have to load a colony to see and reply to a message. Perhaps it shows "Colony has 2 messages" when you are about to load some colony. Account messages would be nice because then you can talk to someone regardless of deleting a colony or not to start over.

Trade right now sucks, and isn't possible really. All you have is the ability to send gifts of 2500 of something max.

I'd like the ability to send actual trade offers, either targeted trade offers to a specific person, or open trade offers that players with a structure of some kind can access by loading a list of available trades.

E.G. I want to send an offer to a specific person, trading 1000 steel to get 200 wood.
Or perhaps I want to send an open offer, trading 1500 steel to get 350 wood.

Perhaps this can be another premium lock area too, where free accounts max at 1 active trade at a time, premium accounts max at 10. Free accounts can trade out a max of 3000 of anything and receive a max of 3000 limiting their trade offers to 3k of anything in and out. Premium accounts getting 250,000.

Aiding other colonies
Wouldn't it be nice if you could gain a bonus from sending aid? When a colony is rioting you can click "send $200 worth of aid", but you don't get anything out of it. Perhaps you should get tax breaks, or happier people, or some such.

It would also be nice to be able to specify how much aid to send, rather than just click a button to send $200 of aid when you got $200,000. Aid packages would be nice too, allowing you to design your own aid packages, so you can click a "send aid package 2" to someone, and you had set aid package 2, to be {$2000, 2000 food, 2000 water, 1000 steel, 1000 ore}. I'd say allow users to specify up to 3 aid package types.

Colony ships could be an aid method too, sending some number of your population over to the other colony. A humanitarian ship full of volunteers who go to the colony you sent it to and work for that person, and either choose to stay, or leave, and they can leave by going to the map edge and appear back in your colony with "name returned to the colony" message instead of "joined colony" messages, either by walking in by map edge or appearing at your landing pads during next arrival.
6y ago
Hey Bast you are a really nice guy heck nicer then I am even .
Thing is along with the post over prem on the site you probably get alot in email and what ever .
Can you fix my premium issues .

Thing is there seams to be a way to upload a premium file here somehow so any device someone has will know the game is payed for . There Must be you somehow did it for me .

Thing is you could easily solve the post for premium help alest 99 % of them .
I bookmarked the file download site and knew the email I used to buy it .
I had 4 or 5 copy's of the amk files in different places just in case of worlds end ( heck still do .)

Now if there would have been a BIG button saying upload your premium file to your membership here well I would have been one less person that you need to spend time doing it for .

Quite honesty((( I just found the way you did it NOW ))) is very well hidden go to my wall only visible info to change picture or other high lv account items .
If You made that link bigger and say black so the link stands out and add in Upload premium file change photo and other high lv account items for people who like me can be totally dense it could save you the time of doing it your self . PS adding in IF they use the same email to become a member here as they did to buy the game and you add a little thing in that knows this then any one who bought even After they became a member resigns in bingo the site now has them loged in as premium .

Dont know if any of this would help but Heck your a nice guy and bussie maybe this could save some time or frustration .

6y ago
I have the same problem, except mine won't fix itself. I received the premium from the event, and premium does indeed work on the Android version. However I prefer to use the desktop version, when I logged into my account on that platform the premium doesn't work. Every time I click my account on the hidden tab the game immediately crashes whether the game is loaded or on the main menu.

It's as if the account function is broken on the desktop version by the windows store.

I've played from the start to independence and still premium won't work on that platform.

Edit: The online native client works, as does the ape apps launcher, but the version from the windows store still doesn't allow premium.
6y ago
So today I am pushing out My Colony v0.70.0 to all platforms, and it should be arriving soon to a device near you.

This release brings an experimental new feature to premium users called Regions, which are essentially collections of game files places together on a single large map. You can read more details about the feature in this thread, and although the feature is listed as experimental, it actually seems to be functioning pretty good, mostly.

A Region is basically a mega-colony that consists of many small colony files which share Technology, Resources, Power, and Atmosphere. Each colony is still a separate game file like how My Colony currently works, and they each have their own population and industry. However, they are all taxed the same by their home colony, and they all declare independence from their main colony as a single entity.

Regions are going to be the primary focus over the next two or three updates, so any suggestions you have on how to improve the feature would be great.

Some questions I have gotten before which I will answer here for all. People have asked if they can import an existing city into a region. Right now, that answer is no. It might be possible in the future, but probably only for offline games, and the size of the existing city would also have to conform to the grid of the main region map. For instance, if you have annexed land on an existing map, land is annexed in chunks that make its dimensions no longer able to fit on the main region grid.

You can currently build both Small and Medium sized maps on the Region screen. I might add Large on the next update, but probably not Extra Large or Mega. Most of the issues in My Colony stem from the large, extra large, and especially Mega maps, so one of the goals with Regions is to be able to build a giant colony without having to use one of the giant maps.

The Region area is very big. While it is only a 50x50 grid, that technically allows it to hold 2,500 separate city maps, if the small map size is chosen. I don't really expect anybody to ever fill up an entire region map, but you never know with you guys 🤔

So anyway, there will be a lot more about regions over the next several updates. This update lays the foundation for the feature, as quite a few engine changes were required to allow the sharing of utilities and resources between maps. Now that the foundations are laid, work can be done adding new features to Regions, and also fleshing out the Region overview UI, which is pretty basic right now.

Moving on from the Region stuff, I wanted to quickly touch on the ongoing issues with My Colony on Android. I have actually gotten the crash rate reduced from the nearly 10% range to the 5% range. Looking through the crash stats, the majority are coming from users running Android v8.1.0, leading me to believe something is happening specific to that particular release. For instance, the crash rate on that specific version of Android is over 11%, while it is much lower on other versions. Regardless, this update contains several bugs fixes from both the latest Antiquitas release, and other stuff I found while going over the code, so perhaps I can reduce the crash rate even further.

The good news is that the game is at least no longer tanking on Android and seems to have leveled off, albeit at a far lower level than it was before. Still, things are still going good on Windows and iOS, and the Android version of My Colony now accounts for less than 1/3 of the games revenues, so I am not going to cry about it too much.

While I do like Android, I have been sort of disillusioned by the large spike in non-reproducible errors with totally unhelpful reporting in the Google Play Error console. I am also somewhat suspect when Google claims upwards of 10% of all sessions are force-closing, yet there are almost no reports in the Play Store comments about the app force closing. Not to mention the fact that an almost identical binary of the game is on the Amazon App Store, yet these same crashes are almost nonexistent on that platform.

The whole experience though has convinced me that My Colony may have a better future on Steam than the Google Play Store, and over the coming updates I will be taking steps to put Antiquitas and My Colony on Steam. They will be available unlocked at the regular purchase price of the Premium Upgrade. Now, if you have already purchased a premium license, there is really no point in buying it on Steam, you can just use the Native Client or Ape Apps Launcher edition, which will essentially be the same thing.

If you do purchase it on Steam though and sign in using your Ape Apps Account, it will check steam to verify your purchase, and sync that to your account, unlocking Premium on all platforms.

There is really no way (that I am aware) of allowing current Premium users to unlock the Steam purchase. I don't know. Really though, if you already own Premium, there is little point of buying it again on Steam, unless you like the game and wish to support it!

I do think that the My Colony/Antiquitas interface works a lot better as a Desktop game though (vs mobile), and so possibly Steam will be a good match for it. It is also very reasonably priced VS other Steam games, especially considering the vast amount of content/play time available in My Colony.

Speaking of interfaces though, My Colony is actually seeing a great surge in users on the Amazon Fire TV. This is great, although after playing it on my Fire TV for a bit, I realized that the TV interface could use some polish, so that will be coming in the next few updates.

Moving on, starting in v0.70.0, I have completely removed the auto-blacklist banner from the game. As resource checks and trade verification are now done by the server, this feature was no longer necessary, and was resulting in too many false-positives. It is much easier now to just ban bad actors on an account-wide level from the server, rather than trying to make the game monitor and looks for hacking on the individual colony files. A colony can still be banned into permanent offline mode, but there will now be actual human moderation before it is done.

Next, I have started the process of reorganizing the list of build-options in the construction sidebar, grouping like-structures together, instead of just putting all of the newest stuff on bottom. I will continue this over the coming updates.

Another small change, when a new colonist arrives, the "XXX Has Joined The Colony" popup message is now gone. I think the popup was more annoying than anything, especially on phones.

Another minor change, but one which might help ultra large colonies, is a further reduction in game file save sizes. I don't know if it will be noticeable to everyone, but it should help some files out.

Finally, there are two new structures available. Humans get the new Transcendent Triantanium Generator, which is far better than the current Triantanium factory. Additionally, Reptillians get a new Raw Materials Extractor, which is a significant improvement over the current (and horrid) Insectoid Mining Operation.

So that about rounds out today's update. The update frequency will probably increase going forward. I am pretty much giving up on trying to collect error diagnostics on the Google Play version of the game, and as such, I no longer need to keep one stable version number in the store for weeks at a time. Google has already blacklisted the game for "bad behavior", and I have reconfigured with the settings in every possible way I could think of on Android, and nothing made a significant difference. Considering there have never been any wide-scale complaints about crashes on Android, I do not think the users are suffering from the games "bad behavior" any. I am sort of just accepting the fact that Google Play is what it is, and focus on making the game as good as it can be, and not worry about trying to fix the crash stats on GPlay.

As I said before, the next few updates will add things to the new Regions feature, as well as new content to be added to all civilizations, but more especially the Reptilians. Thanks for playing the game, and enjoy the update!
5y ago
Have you tried the version from the Ape Apps store on this site? You can install the Ape Apps Launcher, sign in, and any games you have bought premium for will register it when they are installed.

Also, if you still have the *.amk file you can still make sure your account has premium. Just go here:

Scroll down and you can see what apps have premium or don't and you can add the amk file (if you have it) to apply it if premium doesn't show.

@Bastecklein - might need some dev help for him with premium if he can't figure out the premium.
5y ago
my Name is WittiJ
soo i played My Colony alot so i decided to buy Premium
(on Android btw) then i got home and wanted to Play with premium
on PC aswell. But i didnt create a Account before buying premium i'm
not sure how i logged with the new account on Android but the account says no premium but ingame i got premium...
Is there a way to get it "into" your account without rebuying?

LG WittiJ
5y ago
my Name is WittiJ
soo i played My Colony alot so i decided to buy Premium
(on Android btw) then i got home and wanted to Play with premium
on PC aswell. But i didnt create a Account before buying premium i'm
not sure how i logged with the new account on Android but the account says no premium but ingame i got premium...
Is there a way to get it "into" your account without rebuying?

LG WittiJ
5y ago
Since I've noticed that if you buy premium it may not be accessible in another platform of MC, I thought that maybe when you got premium, you would get a bundle of keys for each platform. Then, when you logged on you would be able to insert the key for that platform. Another fix is maybe when you buy premium, it is put on your account as My Colony premium buyer, so when you log on another platform, the game realizes you've bought premium for my colony and gives it to you.
5y ago
erm, buying premium activates premium for said account and works on every platform.
only exception in a way is steam version, buying steam version does give premium everywhere, but if game wasn't bought on steam you won't get steam version(which is premium only) for free, got to buy it again to have it on steam.

That said, if you did buy the premium on one platform and it didn't transfer to other one you should contact bast or wait for him to see this post I guess so he can help with solving that
5y ago
I recently purchased premium on IOS (because I had some gift card money in my iTunes account) after reading that premium is activated on all devices with your account. However, none of my other devices have been activated with premium and the iOS version of premium My Colony is bugged and unusable. I posted this on tech support to find absolutely no help, so... DON’T BUY PREMIUM, it does nothing.
5y ago
Traloach said:I downloaded free Pdf Scan.
Then I purchased Pdf Scan Premium.
How do I know that I have premium version as when it loads it does not indicate it is the premium version.
Also when I view my ms account I see my order details but no option to download it.

The Premium is not a separate download, it unlocks all of the features in the regular download. You will know that it is unlocked because the app will not have any advertisements in it, and all of the features you see will work without giving you a popup notice saying they require premium.
3y ago
The Windows Store edition of EZ Register is being migrated to a new code base to provide for faster processing, better printing and cleaner font/toolbar rendering. Because of this migration though, I can not do a typical automatic update of the application. The new version is making a fundamental change to the way application data is saved, and doing a straight upgrade would cause data loss for users, which is unacceptable.

To get around the issue, I am renaming the currently available version of EZ Register to EZ Register Old and removing it from sale, so that no new users can download it. The new package will be uploaded using the name EZ Register.

What do you need to do?

The old version of EZ Register will no longer be maintained and will receive no more updates. If you are fine with this, then you don't really have to do anything at all. If you want to download the old edition again, you can find it in your Windows Store download history as EZ Register Old.

Users are encouraged to migrate over to the new edition of the app, which you can download and install using the following link:

Migrating your data to the new app

If you are moving from the old to the new version of EZ Register, you will want to migrate your data over to the new app, and there are a couple of different ways to do this. Remember not to uninstall the old edition of EZ Register until you have moved your data into the new!

Cloud-Sync Migration

If you have an Ape Apps Account, then probably the easiest migration path is to use the cloud-sync feature. When signed into the old version of the app, click on the File menu, open Ledger Settings and make sure that Cloud Sync is enabled:

Then all you need to do is sign in to the new app using your account, and your Ledger should be there. If you have multiple ledgers, you will need to enable cloud-sync for each one individually.

Backup File Migration

If you do not have an Ape Apps Account or if you are having troubles with the cloud-sync feature, then you can export and import your ledgers manually. From the File menu on the old app, select Backup Ledger and save your *.ezr file somewhere on your system where you can access it.

Then to import your data, on the new app open the File menu and select Restore Backup. Find the *.ezr file you exported in the last step and import it. Do this for each ledger you want to migrate over to the new app.

Premium Upgrade

Because the new app and the old app are separate packages, users who purchased the Premium upgrade will find that it does not automatically transfer from the old app to the new. Don't worry though, I will not make you repurchase the app a second time.

If you have an Ape Apps Account, signing in to the old app should have automatically saved your purchase history to your account, and so there is nothing you need to do. Your premium will be available in the new app. If you have already purchased Premium but do not have an Ape Apps Account, you can simply create one, sign in to the old app, and it should sync your purchase to your account. You may have to close/open the app a couple of times if it does not sync properly.

If you do not have/want an account or if the premium is not syncing, you can e-mail me. Just let me know that you are trying to migrate your EZ Register Premium key and tell me the Microsoft Account you used to purchase the app on the Windows Store and I will get everything taken care of for you. You can also send me a message here on the forums with the same information.
2y ago
There are only 2 premium content items that are favourable to their non-premium content variants. Those two are the aluminium roads, which offer faster travel for your rovers/worker drones and the turbo drones which offer 40x faster build times. Just because the premium content makes you move your finger to scroll one more time doesn't mean it takes you 3x longer to find something, you just haven't learnt where the buildings are in the list. I would say removing the premium items would make you relearn the positions you have already learnt, making you search even longer than an extra mouse scroll.
6y ago
I purchased the premium version of the game quite some time ago, and got some games with the premium buildings built and rotated. However I have a problem: I deleted my Google play account and performed a factory reset, but being unable to reconnect the Google play account whom I purchased the game with to my colony, I am unable to continue building premium structures and rotating buildings, after I reinstalled the game. ( All the maps were saved on my address card ).
Is there a possibility to get the premium version back without buying it again?
Thanks in advance

6y ago
So I have premium
I did not buy it

It kinda doesn’t work but still why is it here

Steps to replicate
1. Not play for like 3 months
2. Go to China
3.Play it cuz it is not restrained by China
4. Realize you can get checkered pavement
5. Try out Creative cuz u has premium
6. Loads up old colony image, nothing working
7. Try again, then black screen
8. And again

So why do I even have premium?
Probably spelled premium wrong the whole time
Plz help
I be confused

IPad Pro, 2 years old uhhhm idk processor
17 March 2018 Shanghai Time
6y ago
bastecklein said:
ssj2071 said:I recently bought the premium version of My Colony on my iPhone SE and I just logged in to my ape apps account of the Facebook version of the game via Facebook, but the premium mode didn't carry over. If anyone could please help me with this issue, I would be grateful.

I fixed your account, it should work now. For some reason the premium flag did not get triggered, maybe there was a connection issue at the "moment of truth".

Thanks, and yes, it shows up now, it's just that when I logged in on Facebook yesterday right before this post, I had already been playing on premium mode for almost a week on my iPhone before I logged in on the Facebook version. But I just logged in on the Facebook version just now and it shows up this time. Thanks again, bastecklein.
5y ago
Amorphus said:Well said. I agree that it's good to just pay for the whole game, I liked that back when they had games like that. I hate games that nickle and dime you and i hate games that give paying players an added advantage. And I agree that there are better ways to support bast that to pay for the premium game.

What I was saying was I wish that bast would add more features to premium that wouldn't cause a people to have an unfair advantage. Take Decorations for instance, they have no bearing on how fast you are able to produce resources or make money, they are just an extra addition to the game. I really wan't him to add a huge update will all kinds of premium decorations. I admit, currently, the regions feature does provide an unfair advantage, but I'm sure bast will correct this issue in the future.

I don't think he ever will. People won't buy premium if all it gives is decorations! People do it for regions because it is a huge advantage. It does pose a problem for the (I think) Largish population of kids playing the game. Im a kid and my parents won't let me buy premium. This puts me a huge disadvantage because I can only go so far on my limited mega map :l
5y ago
Okay so I updated from v0.75 to v0.76 and my premium has disappeared. The account manager page recongizes that i have premium ( ) but I don't have premium ingame. ( )
I purchased the steam version if that helps. ( )
Is there any way I can get premium back?
I have restarted the game, and relogged. I even reinstalled the game.
5y ago
hi123456789 said:Okay so I updated from v0.75 to v0.76 and my premium has disappeared. The account manager page recongizes that i have premium ( ) but I don't have premium ingame. ( )
I purchased the steam version if that helps. ( )
Is there any way I can get premium back?
I have restarted the game, and relogged. I even reinstalled the game.

Sorry, I had accidentally uploaded the wrong build to Steam :-/

I have uploaded the correct one and the update should be coming presently.
5y ago
I bought premium via the website/PayPal. Got the key, can play on with premium the web version. Can't seem to apply the key to my iOS app, and can't get my online cloud save to load in the iOS app either.

I did have another game going before I purchased the key on the iOS app, however. I started a new file to try out regions after purchasing the premium key.

Can anyone help with applying premium key to the iOS app?
5y ago
Hello Ape Apps support,
I just had the wierdest thing happen and I can't quite explain it. I took a break after I was upset with an update but hate can't last forever on a game I did enjoy so I want to come back. in 2018 I did purchase premium, so I logged into the ape apps website finding that it stated my colony from 2018 was premium and all was ok! Perfect wonderful.
I downloaded the app on my new phone and log into my account.

Well now I am plastered with the free level advertisements. and then when I log back into my account on another tab on the computer it says I am not premium anymore. I did screencapture showing I did have it below, but I just would like to know why this happened. I hope this can be resolved so I can re-create my little empire I once had and bring pleasentville back on the map.

Thank you for your help in advance!

Original login showing I DID buy premium

Capture now logging in showing I suddenly don't.

5y ago
I recently purchased premium on IOS (because I had some gift card money in my iTunes account) after reading that premium is activated on all devices with your account. However, none of my other devices have been activated with premium. What should I do?
5y ago
@Kaymcray Thank you for the suggestions. It helps a ton when deciding what to add to the game, and this all seems pretty easily implementable.

As for what comes with Premium, I did not put any of the initial content behind the premium "wall," so the only thing Premium does right now is allow you to get the "free money" from the banking tab without having to watch a video (ad removes the banner advertising). The intention is to continually add new jobs/educations/houses/etc, some of which will be premium. Premium items will be clearly labeled as such.
5y ago
Also, all things ignored entirely...

Premium is not a scam, it's an option one can use to support the developer to make sure he can still keep developing My Colony, and also to let him know possibly where the interest is in his games, despite having a few now.

As someone who enjoys My Colony genuinely, I had no problem essentially getting Premium twice, once for Android, once for Desktop, and then buying it on Steam.

Not to mention, I'm also working on a mod for it. Slowly, but surely.

You don't have to get Premium, in fact, it's entirely unneeded to reaching the end game as any faction (tho the reptilians could use a non-premium patrician's den). And, while you do get some perks for it, it's not a scam. The only platforms that have ever had you "buy one game, get it on all others" is any game on GoG which has the library transferral permission toggled, bought on a supported other platform, and that's about it.

Tho Knucklecracker DID do that with the Creeper World series, those who bought a non-DRM copy of any of the games could recieve it freely on Steam if they politely wrote Virgil about it.
5y ago
There is no direct way to become a premium member of the forum. The only members who are premium are those with an Ape Apps Gold account (from who get premium on every Ape Apps product across the board.

By the way, there are no benefits on the forum for being a premium member, it's the exact same experience either way!
1y ago
Putting it on steam would make it a little easy for people (like myself) to buy premium. I want to buy premium but I cant because Im not able to take the necessary steps... (no bank card)

Its easier on steam because then you could get a steam card to buy premium. The steam My Colony could be free and premium could be an extension, so I vote yes.

Galactic Men, thank you.
6y ago
It kinda does ruin my experience, it takes me 3 times longer to locate things I need in the build menu, because I have to filter through all the gold named things and I browse by icon usually to try and find stuff. Having the setting within the engine settings, will generally allow the more experienced players go in and remove them. Most first time players just get in and start playing the game.

Personally I am considering premium, but not till a few things are tended to, like the fact that the desktop client appears to be doing something my antivirus doesn't like ( ).

Not to mention, premium objects are meant to be decorative only, providing no real bonuses, right? So if they don't provide a bonus, I'd like a checkbox to toggle them off, even if I am a premium member. To clean my build menu up basically.
6y ago
I believe that there should be more trees and greenery.

Fir Tree Substitutes:
-Birch; Lumberbot, Greenbot
-Oak; LB, GB
-Maple: Premium; LB, GB

Smaller Harvestable Trees
-Desert Scrub; Enslaved Lumberbug
Costs 7 water
5 Wood
Spreads faster than fir tree but slower than sugarcane.

-Yucca Tree; EL, Lumberbug, LB, GB, Worker Drone
Costs 20 water
10 wood, 25 sugar, 15 food
Slower than fir

Larger Harvestable Trees
-Wild Cypress; LB, GB
Costs 350 water
200 wood
Faster than fir

-Cedar; LB, GB
Costs 1250 water
1000 wood
Slower than fir

-Forest; 5*5; LB, GB
Costs 20000 water, 2000 sugar, 1500 ant paste, and 1000 food
15000 wood
Does not spread

Other Spreading Plants
-Shrub; WD
Costs 15 water
25 food and 50 sugar
Faster than sugarcane

-Wild Flowers; GB
Costs 5 water
Spreads same rate as fir

-Bamboo; GB, WD
Costs 40 water
Spreads same rate as fir

Other Plants
-Hedge; GB
Costs 25 water
Great landscaping that provides some privacy.
Does not spread

-Dogwood/Cherry; Premium; GB
Costs 25 water
No wood content
Doesn't spread

Bamboo Grove; Premium; GB
Costs 1500 water, 50 wood, 10 clay

Peaceful Grove; Premium; GB
Costs 2500 water, 150 wood, 50 clay
Various trees around a pool of water

Dec. Shrub; GB, EL, LB, WD
Costs 15 water
Just a little decorative shrub.

-National Park
Upgrade from Park
Costs 50000 water, 25000 ore, 15000 gold, 10000 sugar, 5000 ant paste, 50000 wood, 50000 clay, 100 plastic, 100 pottery, 100 brick
10 workers
10000 entertainment
5000 tourists
$5 admission

Costs 250000 water, 150000 clay, $25000, 50000 wood, 15000 ore, 1500 plastic, 500 oil, 5000 steel, 1500 bricks
Consumes 250 power, oil, water, clay, and food
Produces money
100 workers
10000 entertainment
25000 tourists

Not complete. Will be edited later.
6y ago
Clearing the cache in your browser is why you lost all your work as a browser is not generally allowed to save directly to the drive. You would have needed to specifically save a back up of your games to save them.

Re: premium - you should have gotten a link to download an *.amk file so that you can add it to your account. Check here: and see if the game is showing as premium or not. There is also a place to upload that amk file if you have it.

Re: developer - @bastecklein is the devoloper and generally works alone doing all the coding and premium support. If you would like, you can leave him a message here on the forum directly.
5y ago
ssj2071 said:I recently bought the premium version of My Colony on my iPhone SE and I just logged in to my ape apps account of the Facebook version of the game via Facebook, but the premium mode didn't carry over. If anyone could please help me with this issue, I would be grateful.

I fixed your account, it should work now. For some reason the premium flag did not get triggered, maybe there was a connection issue at the "moment of truth".
5y ago
DillGuy9 said:*Rubs eyes in disbelief*

This might help My Colony out. This sounds really cool. Reminds me of TheoTown. Should check it out.


The idea on itself could help mycolony, but since it's only premium it will only make sure Premium players keep playing and even discourage non premium from playing. Sure you can say they should get premium if they want it, but that's not very fair.
5y ago
I bought premium a long time ago, but only my Windows version and my Android version have premium.

I logged in with the same account on Web but it says that I don't have premium.

Can anyone help me please?
5y ago
I recently purchased premium and have an issue. I will usually play 2 or more games at the same time, the first time I open My Colony premium is activated. But the second or third time I open My colony premium is not activated and now I have a key that is suspended because I reactivate the second and third game every nite. I have contacted Ape App support, showed them in screenshots what was happening. I did everything they said to no avail, in their last commumincation to me they told me the removed the suspension but it is still suspended. they have since stopped responding to me.

can anyone help me?
5y ago
Will this be available to some degree to non-premium players? I am looking forward to it as a solution to the 7th times in a row reccuring problem of spending months on a game ending up totally stalled due to the colonists not willing to work and fire drills being of no use whatsoever after some more development...

eventually games would no longer load at all. All my games were fully lost. File size wouldn't explain it and using a backup older file and removing 99% of buildings and colonists would still end up unusable after a few days once the game is 'tainted'.

I am hoping regions would fix this horrondous bug, or the pathfinding update fixing the bug, but I am *NOT* willing to pay premium upfront to spend months on a colony only to watch it die from the same super-super-super frustrating bug all over again.

P.S.: people who experienced the need for fire drills and situations beyond the help of fire drill no matter what they do (including radical downsizing of everything, or education) please comment on the current status of the worker problem. I am willing to go premium if the problem is reasonnably fixed. I am not even starting a new colony if this problem isn't fixed even if premium was free.
5y ago
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