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Auto Premium feed back .

Hey Bast you are a really nice guy heck nicer then I am even .
Thing is along with the post over prem on the site you probably get alot in email and what ever .
Can you fix my premium issues .

Thing is there seams to be a way to upload a premium file here somehow so any device someone has will know the game is payed for . There Must be you somehow did it for me .

Thing is you could easily solve the post for premium help alest 99 % of them .
I bookmarked the file download site and knew the email I used to buy it .
I had 4 or 5 copy's of the amk files in different places just in case of worlds end ( heck still do .)

Now if there would have been a BIG button saying upload your premium file to your membership here well I would have been one less person that you need to spend time doing it for .

Quite honesty((( I just found the way you did it NOW ))) is very well hidden go to my wall only visible info to change picture or other high lv account items .
If You made that link bigger and say black so the link stands out and add in Upload premium file change photo and other high lv account items for people who like me can be totally dense it could save you the time of doing it your self . PS adding in IF they use the same email to become a member here as they did to buy the game and you add a little thing in that knows this then any one who bought even After they became a member resigns in bingo the site now has them loged in as premium .

Dont know if any of this would help but Heck your a nice guy and bussie maybe this could save some time or frustration .

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