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I recently purchased premium on IOS (because I had some gift card money in my iTunes account) after reading that premium is activated on all devices with your account. However, none of my other devices have been activated with premium and the iOS version of premium My Colony is bugged and unusable. I posted this on tech support to find absolutely no help, so... DON’T BUY PREMIUM, it does nothing.
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Actually My Colony have only one version (one for each architecture). Premium and f2p have the same code. We don't need to download the game again if we buy premium key.

And only because Bastecklein don't reply in every Thread, don't mean is not reading the most of it. :P
@AlecMal iOS is the only platform where buying Premium does not automatically unlock it on all devices, because it violates the App Store terms, but if people ask me I pretty much always add it to their account for them. I looked at your account and it has never even signed in to My Colony. I would also be interested to know how many other developers you deal with that just carry your in-app purchases across all platforms for you. I know I have purchased Minecraft like 4 times now, lol.
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Also, all things ignored entirely...

Premium is not a scam, it's an option one can use to support the developer to make sure he can still keep developing My Colony, and also to let him know possibly where the interest is in his games, despite having a few now.

As someone who enjoys My Colony genuinely, I had no problem essentially getting Premium twice, once for Android, once for Desktop, and then buying it on Steam.

Not to mention, I'm also working on a mod for it. Slowly, but surely.

You don't have to get Premium, in fact, it's entirely unneeded to reaching the end game as any faction (tho the reptilians could use a non-premium patrician's den). And, while you do get some perks for it, it's not a scam. The only platforms that have ever had you "buy one game, get it on all others" is any game on GoG which has the library transferral permission toggled, bought on a supported other platform, and that's about it.

Tho Knucklecracker DID do that with the Creeper World series, those who bought a non-DRM copy of any of the games could recieve it freely on Steam if they politely wrote Virgil about it.
I had premium I bought on android it worked fine I then got a pc it worked fine then a few months ago it sead I didn't have premium then it fixed it self after a few weeks well I got to log in today and no premium plz help or fix this or I will look in to legal acktchons ik its only 5 but to me that's a lot of $

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