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Insectoid Mint on Ice world (Zolarg)

so I've seen you cant build insectoid mints on zolarg ice world due to lack of atmosphere. Is this supposed to be or was it maybe overlooked by the dev? cause i dont have any way to pay my tax, and I don't have enough money to build money pits left. So what I'm asking, is this supposed to be a dead end? If so, I guess I'll just gift myself some money from my other colonies.
Main colony:
human - Eldia: 0tThkRFL
human - Gondwana: MQGtwWQR
insectoids - Deinonychus: fQ3oqKnA
You can build the money pit and it makes coins and civ points enough coins to pay taxes )
but yea the mint is not on my ice world ether
I don't know if I'll have enough civics to afford the AntBank for a while :/ hopefully the tax isn't too bad until then
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