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Rovers/Builders Freezing up

I have been having an issue quite consistently where all of my rovers (Or the builders/gatherers for bugs) will do nothing when they have tasks assigned to them.

A detailed description of your issue.
I have had it happen for UE, for LIS, and for Zolarg maps, one of the Zolarg maps including a Volcanic world. What will happen is I start off the game easily, no issues at all with my bots doing as I tell them to, but then slowly their performance begins to degrade until they take several minutes to even move, build, or gather. For the gathering I know if storage is full they won't move, but this happens to ones that only build for me AND ones that are nowhere near full on their resource storage. When I click on them it will show that they are doing the task that I gave (Moving, Parking, Building, or Harvesting), but they are sitting there like a turd in a bowl doing nothing.

I know this has happened before when you get A LOT of bots running around and working, but these are fresh start worlds. I maybe have 20-30 bugs running around gathering and building on the Zolarg map and this happens.

Steps to replicate the issue you are having.
Start a new world and just play. So far I have not found any one thing in particular that causes it other than time.

The platform for your game
Windows 10, Dell laptop, Google Chrome browser

Version of My Colony
Yeah this also happens for me sometimes, for example when I set the parking spot for 5 rovers at once, some go and others are just slacking off. Eventually they obey as well. On Android.
My Colony

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