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Problems I'm having

#1 2018-06-14 17:39:54
First, I'm still getting the bug where trying to view the workers for a building sometimes causes almost all of them to quit, and they usually have 0 happiness so they start protesting.
Also, the ape chat tries to open all the time, even though I'm not swiping anywhere near it.
And I have a sub colony that doesn't show up in the commonwealth, but I can view the rest of the commonwealth when I'm playing it.

Playing on Android, Samsung J7 I think, version 0.65
#2 2018-06-14 19:05:37
All of those problems except for the missing sub colony are normal. The first one is trying to be fixed and the chat opening just does that. Could be the sensitivity on your phone. You should give the colony a little while to show up. If it doesn't, try to make another.
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