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Four My Colony Offshoots

#1 2018-07-01 01:41:23
These would be four separate games based on My Colony. Will not be in the actual MC app, as they go against the basis of My Colony

My Colony Survival Edition:
You start out with a Red Planet base and a large lander with 160 people. They are there because they were chosen to be the last survivors of Earth from a huge disaster.
Gamplay: This will not be a very casual play as there will be random events and disasters. You will manage your colonists more (less people = more emotions/detail), and most of the buildings will be temporary, as the lander will quickly disappear. To win the game you have to keep 75% of your colonists for 5 in-game years and research permanent colonies and terraforming by then.
Based off of the CBS show "Salvation."

My Colony Competition Edition:
This will be a Multiplayer/PvP version of My Colony.
Set-up: Once you start-up the game, you will come to a My Colony like screen. You click new map and you have the options of Offline and Online. Offline is you versus a computer generated opponent(s). Online takes you to New Map and Existing. Existing are premade maps by other people. Every option pulls up a menu that says "Name, Civilization, Size, Resources, and Number of Players." Civilization choices are UE, LIS, and Zolarg. You can have up to 7 player spots. The rest are the same as My Colony. The maps for each civilization are the same.
Gameplay: Once your map is generated you are given a base that includes a lander/mound with solar panels, ore and gold rovers/bugs, An ore refinery, a gold refinery, a research station, housing, and a storage facility, all engulfed by a wall/fence. There is also a new exploration probe that builds claiming structures and walls and fences and flags. Your goal is to claim all of the bases of the other players. You use the exploration probes to claim more land and protect your holdings. Please add to this.

My Colony Educational Edition:
This will be an educational/accurate version of My Colony.
Gameplay: The design and setup of the game will be the same, but the gameplay will be different. There will be three playable factions, the International Space Agency, the Space Corporation, and the League of Independent States. The ISA gives you a 50% Research increase and a 25% government decrease. The Space Corp. gives you a 50% economic increase and a 25% government decrease. The LIS gives you a 50% government increase and a 25% production decrease. Each faction has the Mars, Moon, Venus, Europa, and Titan maps. They all start with a lander, miners/builders, a solar panel, a water pump, a greenhouse, base resources, and 5 colonists. The resource consumption and production should be as accurate as possible and so will be the terraforming process (pressure, O2, heat, biomass, N2, CO2). The gameplay will be more dynamic and realistic (natural disasters, riots, immigration, etc). Heavy influence from the game TerraGenesis.

My Colony Lite:
Due to My Colony's large file size, slower devices such as Android and lesser know formats can't handle the game anymore. My Colony Lite would be an offline only version of MC. It would be less dynamic and many structures and maps would be missing. The two civilizations would be a generic human and a generic alien. The maps for the humans would be Red Planet, Lunar, and Forest. The alien maps would be Desert, Ice, and Sugarland. Each map is not random, all of the resources and base structures would be in the same spot each time. Online and human alien structures would be missing. No animations nor lighting. One type of road and no super builders. There would be no premium (ad free already). All of these changes make the game much less fun, but still a good game for people who can't handle the large file size and FPS.

This is all I have for now. Please comment and add to this. Thanks!
Dylan Carter
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#2 2018-07-05 17:29:18
Please Comment!
Dylan Carter
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#3 2018-07-10 17:32:08
Dylan Carter
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#4 2018-07-10 18:23:05
The ideas are good, but looking at how few ppl really play the other maps and even less that other civilizations i don't know if this will be more popular
#5 2018-07-10 18:40:32
I really don't know. It is good, but Colony Wars, if started, fills competition, and education seems better as a seperate game, not an offshoot. Lite could be replaced with settings within My Colony too for performance (just limiting and not loading structures loading premade maps at start.) Just some feedback on the stuff.
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#6 2018-07-10 18:43:33
Thanks everybody for your feedback. I do agree with all of it. I do know that they will not be more popular, but will introduce a different group of people into the My Colony community. Thanks.
Dylan Carter
Conjurer in NOZ
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