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Improved feedback on colony stats

So I would like to see more graphs than what we currently have: lowest, median, average, highest graphs for colonist money, colonist happiness, IQ, health, and maybe age. It would be useful to know if there are still really sick people with the minimum health graph, to give an example. However, so many graphs will fill up the stats pages too much, therefore I suggest to have buttons on graphs to show/hide a certain graph. Min, max, med, avg would be color coded to easily differentiate them if all the graphs are enabled on a single window.

Secondly, the unhappiness chart really needs to show how many people are complaining of x issue, and when no one is mad, the chart would show "no mad colonists" or something. While currently it is somewhat useful as it is, it's only somewhat and could be better.

Thirdly, graphs should have some numbering on them. How can I know how much GDP I had at x moment just by looking at the graph? Sure, just math the current GDP with the height of the graph at x moment, but the game can do that as well.

(the huge spike isn't cheating, it's just getting like 3k relics from an ad)
Good ideas. For the second point you can calculate it and I don't know what you'll do if you have the number
I want to insist on the third point. It isn't a graph if there is no values on the axis, it's a basic thing you learn at school. Of course you can see the trend and I think that's what he was thinking at when making this, but it would really be useful to have those values.
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