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OK, I got to thinking and have a large suggestion... a settings menu. What got me started on this was the fact that the app only seems to check for updates when it loads initially and never again. Having the update options would be good for those with a variety of connections types for flexibility and not needing to reload the app everytime you push an update for an app we play since it has to stay running due to sharing the core engine.
My other suggestion has to do with allowing multiple sign-ins. This could allow multiple accounts to be stored in the app (maybe only the user name?) for people with multiple accounts or a PC that has multiple users.

It would be good to have a settings menu accessible either by its own icon in the upper left/right or using the title or sign-in name location(s).
Menu could be something like this:

checking for updates
  • never
  • daily
  • weekly
  • custom (time and frequency configurable)
  • check only
  • download only
  • download and install
options

Well I think it's a good idea.
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