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Food processing sweatshops worth it?

So i am starting a brand new colony, with a big start-up from my main, and was wondering if food processing sweatshops was worth to build. I know that they produce a loooot of food, but i remember seeing people complaining about them not wroking, 1 week ago. Is there anyone experiencing this at the moment? If yes please say it, so i can build vertical farms instead (and if no well say it too).
Thanks in advance.
they are the best method to make food, and they work.
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Is this an LIS building? I don't remember seeing it on my UE (my main colony) build list.

EDIT: Also, I like the idea of vertical farming warehouses better. Just like I love having 0 Trash.
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Okay thanks, and this is a united earth building also, i will put the sheet
Edit:can't seem to put the sheet so i give you the link
Yes once the colony is over 6 k it will feed every one up to over 75 k
yes it works most of the bugs have been raided honstly i am amazed how well the game works .
What this guy has done is like making apple work on windows without a emualter .
it's still the best way to make food. Even if you use artificial sweetener factorys to make it
Its me Lego.
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