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Region resource production not at full potential when not in the specific city

What I mean by that is when I’m not in city x and I am in city y, the resources that are produced by city x will be produced at a much slower rate (than when I’m in city x) while I am in city y. For example: city x normally produces steel at a rate of 1000 per minute, but when I am in city y steel is being produced at a rate of 10 per minute (considering that city y has no steel producing facilities).
I can see this being a major problem when the player has separate cities focused on producing a certain resource. He could have a city focused on making food, and, while he is in another city, his food production rate will drastically slow down and he will start having problems keeping the colonists alive.

Also, when I am in the screen where I can see all of my cities, resource production stops completely. I don’t know if resource consumption continues, but I hope not.

On android Samsung galaxy a5 phone and I think it is also happening on the windows version of the game
I also thought this was happening as well. But I'm not sure if it is actually less or because it only adds once a minute in bulk it seems slower. I did a rough test and it feels slow, but the numbers are similar I think. I have heard a few people now that say it is actually slower though, so I may be the exception. At the very least one of the reasons it feels so slow is because it only adds once a minute, perhaps have a setting that changes how often you receive resources from other cities. A lot of the game feel comes from seeing the numbers go up, so if the numbers go up less often it feels off for me.
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