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Show how many residents are provided in housing tab

Trying to strategize house placement with the larger worker buildings is annoying not having the ammount of people per house before hand. Some housing does show how many residents but not all. It's also not mentioned in the online reference guide. This would be great to have. Building a subterranean home just to realize waaay too many people during construction
The reference site does say how many colonists each housing building gives, however I do agree that housing capacity should be on the build screen similarly to how production buildings have a worker count.
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Wubman said:The reference site does say how many colonists

I missed that I couldn't see it on my phone (brightness too low haha) the font blended right in. But still cross referencing the online gets annoying even now I'm using that lol. Just a little minor tweak I'd recommend :)

Thanks though Wubman that's helps me with my plotting.
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