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new civilization the apes

the apes have long been trying to escape earth, since their natural habitats where being destroyed. then they invented space travel and left earth for a new forest planet, and started a new colony. how did they do this, because they where genetically mutated by the toxic waste humans dumped in their habitats. the apes are not friendly with united earth, they have not forgiven them for destroying their habitat, and are currently siding with lis in order to help them win the revolution with united earth. the gorillas are great at creating a new type of resource, bananas, these fruits can be used to create cheap food for colonists, or eaten directly if your a gorilla. gorillas are also the only civilization that can be banned from immigrating to your colony if you happen to be a united earth colony. in fact they are automatically banned from entering your colony, and you need independence from united earth in order to allow them in. if you do let them in be wary, because your citizens dislike being near gorillas, and will disaprove of them if they start to grow in numbers.
That sad if everyone hate them
But if they have a tec to change it
and building idea I say YES
I am Gruud!
Je s' appelle grud ?
My Colony

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