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This Game Murders Battery Life

Seriously this game murders battery life I’m at the point in which I’ve built my first nuclear reactor and holy crap the battery burn please fix this
unfortunally with any game like this it will be heavy on the battery.
you could try lowering the screen brightness or maybe enabling battery saver.
theres also some game settings you could use like low res mode or lowering the update frequency.
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Or you can play on PC maybe?
Yes, good idea Acu, PC version provides better experience and is very stable. Honestly, it's not practical to build your main colony on your phone. If you want to be serious about building a commonwealth that will last through the ages, you should build it on PC if you can. Then if you are bored and need to kill time while away from home, you can build sub-colonies on your phone that maybe won't get to be as big as your main colony. That's the best way to play in my opinion.
Yeah, on PC you can build 1000s of bots. This makes game much easier.
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