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Install My Colony Desktop from Chrome

This is just sort of a P.S.A., but with the recent release of Chrome 70 on Windows, Chrome now has support for Progressive Web Apps on desktop, and My Colony just so happens to conform to the new PWA standards. This allows you to "install" the Web version of My Colony to your Desktop, and it will open as an application in it's own window.

Installing gives My Colony it's own framed window and it's own icon on the taskbar/start menu. This is a good option for those who like the look and feel of the Native Client, but like to have the latest in-development code before it gets pushed out to all platforms.

I'm pretty sure this works on Chromebooks too, although I am not sure about Mac and Linux. Anyway, if you use the browser version and Chrome, it's worth checking out. The same thing should work for pretty much everything on Ape Web Apps too, as well as on Chrome for Android.
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