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Resources appear which I cannot produce and did not buy

What happens is that in the list of resources I see resources I do not have the producing capacity for and never bought. Like alien artifacts ant ant paste. I did not see them all at once but gradually within 5 minutes.
I have a durable goods storage but before the update these things where not shown and crystalline which I can store is not in the list (yet)

Also 1 ant paste and 1 robot appeared. Which I never bought or produced.

It seems like a bug to me.

I recently started playing one a LIS earth like world. I have a black market and just went online 1 day ago.
Also I just added a communication hub and supermarket.
And I updated the game.

Build 0.75.1
Samsung s7
Take a look at what your black market can produce...
Ah. I am an idiot..
Would be handy to select the resources I want to check up on and only see those + resources in red. This is becoming a big list on mobile.

I agree. I wish we had a way of hiding some of this stuff, because it is becoming impossible to track my actual products vs everything the black market throws at us.
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