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Technology not saving

#1 2018-11-29 20:49:13
I've been having a problem where everytime I close the game and reopen it (regional) my technologies are reset back to basic manufacturing, every single time, even if I save before closing manually. I'm not sure what to do (Moto Z3, Android)
#2 2018-11-29 23:40:44
It's a tough one to solve, but 1st of all make sure you leave all the way to main screen before closing the game, I do know that closing the game while inside a city in regions makes some stuff not save properly. If that doesn't help it could perhaps be that you save cloud sync on (the option to toggle it is somewhere in the statistics page of your colony) and that thing is not so good, makes you load stuff from the cloud which can sometimes result in stuff missing due to things on cloud not actually being up to date to what you have locally saved.
Hope this helps :D
#3 2018-12-04 09:45:17
I am having the same issue with Researched Tech not saving. We're you able to fix the issue? I feel kinda backwards when I leave and come back later to find that I have Advanced Microchips but have to restart technologies because it seems to think I am back in the stone age again. I have screenshots to prove that I have researched clay, several times but can't prove that it's been done several, as well as the best I could do with a side by side showing of my advanced Microchip factory next to a lot of the older techs. I think maybe the backing all the way out will help with saving them, as this last time it actually saved SOME so I am not starting fully over on tech. It was getting so frustrating that I destroyed several buildings to place in more research facilities so time waited isn't as long, my colony is also a region based and I am playing offline for now because I don't have reliable internet and don't want my colony to die while I am away.
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