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atmosphere level control

I think that once you reach the max level of atmosphere needed to support life and you have the technology to build atmospheric scrubbers, a new option should be available in the government controls to set a lower lvl atmospheric scrubber control. This way, you can build a few scrubbers and not have to worry about turning them on and off if your atmosphere starts getting to low and then going up again. However, you would still need to monitor if they cannot handle how much atmosphere is being produced and you therefore would need to build more. Its just annoying since you only need a few at a time even for a large colony and then you have to constantly find them and shut them down to keep your lvls above 10mil but below 15mil
Moved this to suggestions, but I think it is a good idea. I will look into it
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I didn't even know the optimal level was between 10m and 15m my colony is at 45mil right now lol
Well, there are 5 stages of atmosphere:
Stage 0 (0 - 250k atmospphere) - Simply unbreathable.
Stage 1 (250k - 1 m atmosphere) - Supports basic microbial lifeforms
Stage 2 (1 m - 5 m atmosphere) - You can grow trees and build wooden stuff
Stage 3 (5 m - 15 m atmophere) - Similar to the Earth's, yay!
Stage 4 (15 m and more atmosphere) - Smog problems begin.

And I like the idea of Theungertaker, it would be very useful!
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