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Client Logins Take forever

WhenI try to login I always get this for the first 1-2mins

After I can enter my Username and PW the screen remains the same for another 1-2mins until the Window goes off and I am rather logged in or not - mostly not today I had to login 6 times after it worked.
This is just on the client Versions, web is kinda Instant.

This is on Mycolony itself and for the Launcher
Even if im Logged into the Launcher and start Mycolony I have to Login again whicht wasnt so in the past.

Also reinstalled both several times - didnt work

Win 7 64
x64 Clients (newest)
400mBit Internet
Hmm, if you go in your browser to is that website going really slow for you also?
Owner of Ape Apps, LLC
No, like I said the Web version is kind of instant.
So its not a connection issue I guess.
Also what I dont understand is why the Login Screen (Picture) loads like forever even if it is an connection Issue the Login should show up immidietly.

The Update to 0.77 dodnt solved this also
This is how my Launcher looks like lol
So what is strange is that the login screen on the Launcher/Desktop apps is actually a web view that connects to the same URL as the website, which is why it is strange that it is taking forever there but not on the website.

If you download the stand-alone My Colony client from and load it there instead of the launcher, is it any faster? I ask because that client was updated more recently and is using a newer node.js core than the Launcher currently is.
Owner of Ape Apps, LLC
It was the same Issue on 0.76, today I tested 0.77 and so far it was a huge difference, like on Web Version.
But whats the difference between Mycolony 0.77 Standalone start and Ape apps start? isnt it the same MyColony that is start?^^
What I do to fix this is sign in on the website then play my colony and click outside of the box to make it to away.
Elijah Long
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