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make gifting for commonwealth leader easier

I would like it if member of a commonwealth would have a button in there Consulate menu where they can request resources. the CW leader gets it like a message, he sees who requests what and how much. he could accept it and send the resources and reject it and sending not, what would drop the relation to avoid spam.

Technology required: Long range communication
Its me Lego.
Nice idea.
I would also like it if the leader of a commonwealth has the ability to create gift "packages", containing some (maybe different for each resource) amount of many different resources, and has to ability to save these packages and send them when required (to anyone).
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that would fit to a idea I've seen before from @siker. she said that it would be cool to be able to group his colony member.
Its me Lego.
I agree. it'd save some time and alot of clicks with the potential for human error.

a system where you can create as a "gift pack" that contains X amount of resources and X types of resources.
like welcome to "my colony"
"my colony has sent you a gift pack" it contains X ore, X steel, X gold, X food, X water
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