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Diversify federation leadership

Instead of just a president, maybe the federation could also have a vice president and a cabnet in charge of managing the diffrent aspects of the federation. For instance one cabnet member could be a treasurer in charge of managing the funds, another could be a war strategist in charge of making sure the federation trade routes are well protected, and so on. The president and vice president are elected sepereatley, but the cabnet is picked by the president. The vice president is in charge of breaking ties whenever the votes are 50 50 while most of the real power goes to the president. Also the president has the power to veto the actions of his cabnet.
Nice idea, but my colony isn't exactly a huge game meaning some federations may not have enough people for a system like that
Some federations might, though... Although the real big ones already have systems like that in place in some way. NOZ and the FFF, for example, both have external discord servers where most of the information exchange takes place. One day, perhaps, the in game interface will be so fantastic that we can go exclusively in game.
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