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The online economy is really screwed right now. People are trying to sell very small amounts of resources for stupidly high amounts and others trying to buy super high amounts for next to nothing. Who the hell wants to pay almost a million for 100 alien relics or 4 billion for 100 starships. It makes it impossible to buy or sell things for reasonable prices because supply and demand is completely broken. But if you go to the star gate or port the tax rate is so high you can still barely make any good money. Something that made me quit for a few months was aluminum. I couldnt get my hands on 1000 units without paying millions of dollars. I just had to bypass trading altogether by going zolarg and gifting myself aluminum which was really a shame. I went online because a commenwealth seemed cool and I thought the actual fluctuating economy and trade would be fun but the GBT is just completely broken
the situation is very true. however, thats the perk of joining the discord server of a federation. Most of the small transactions are done in the servers, or within the CWs of active CW. yep, i do believe there should be something done to prevent such situation, but it would pu too much restrictions on GBT itself then, and hence, its usability might get reduced more. also after the addition of converters, the cost of most of the end game resources have reduced significantly and hence there price have been reduced significantly for higher amount of resources
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