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I am very poor in my game and need to pay off 100000 cash in debt to U.E. to get trade back. My approval rating is 14% and my colonists are dirt poor. If I just got robotics, and have 10 million atmosphere, and all immigration is blocked, how can I make a lot of money to pay off my debts?
Sell stuff you can produce easily in large amounts like water and or food.
I can't sell, they blocked trade.
oh, does it block export too?
well, send a message to OEyfyQGB, I can help you with you debt :D
I'm on offline mode.
I am just looking for buildings that would produce a lot of money.
well, guess the easiest thing then is to build gold mines, mine gold and build lots of mints to turn it to cash.
could do diamonds and jewelry stores, but that takes a bit more effort.
Okay, thanks!
My debt is going away (at the cost of building 84 mints)
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