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BUG report important Browsers effected buy this . 0.83.0

windows ten after getting a nasty virus in chrome I deleted it then switched to explorer .
Explorer DOES NOT do back up along with have that lines graphics glitch that shows lines through buildings .
So redownloaded chrome ( and Untill chrome has a fix for this nasty virus the only thing ill use it for is my colony .
( my pc is virus free as of now .
anyway Chrome is showing version 0.82.0 and refreshing the page does nothing .

But hey back up file works lol
so how or when will chrome be 0.83. 0 ?
would rather use another browser like explorer but without being able to do a back up of the colony and the lines are bad as well .
really guess I need to find a new browser that will run the game .

forf now the choice is using explorer with no back up file working and a graphics glitch .
or using chrome with back up and good graphics but running version 0.82.0 lol
well desktop version works 100 over 100 matter of fact it is running better then I have ever seen .
heck browsers use to always be faster but now desktop seams to be running even faster then them .
great job on desktop version .
Windows Explorer? Not edge? (windows 10 have Edge)

In any case, Edge was the windows 10 browser..
ok edge right correct I am just stuck on the old name lol
honestly best I ever seen Explorer aka edge work ( only took Microsoft 20 years lol )
Well.. now is finally dead :D
Chrome is now updated to 0.83.0 But once again the ( virus ?? or maybe a chrome thing with pop up adv is going on so chrome is being deleted until chrome takes it out .
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