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Expanding on auto selling ( auto sell on export buildings like the gate

one issue with auto sell when using it Storage is full then refills so if the trade does not sell it is returned and then storage is millions over full . So it decays .
Now having it so we can set up the gate to auto Export would get rid of excess ore water food gold and such with the added benefit on Only taking a 100 k at a pop .
I really like this you added in once finished it can really incress income .
Also once again adding in a option to set auto export to start at lower then full storage .
say setting it to export 100 k OVER 3 million or what ever amount you set the auto export to start at .

erm, it would never go over the top, returned stuff is returned by mail and if you accept it, the excess would again be instantly posted with the auto trader.
but yeah, auto export could be a thing.
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