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Game Crashing Due To Simultanious Payment Triggers

This was first happening with the League planets, but now also with the Unite Earth planets. After some random time, if the TAX and PAYROLL are timed simultaneously the game freezes and then crashes.

The TAX and PAYROLL windows obviously do not appear at the same time, but one right after another. Any button clicked on the first window will take you to the next window but by then the game has already locked up and then crashes.

Because you never got past the TAX/PAYROLL payment, the next time you open the map it will trigger the payment requests again, then then crash again.

In the end, you are no longer able to use that map and must start from scratch with another.
Have you tried putting them on automatic so you don't get the confirmation windows (auto budget turned on under policies in your consulate/capital/HoC)
Also, curious, what platform are you playing on?
I'm on Windows 10. While this crash happens at random, it usually shows up before I'm to the point of building a consulate/capital.
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