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Regions version 0.83.0 UPDATED ALL resources BUG

Desktop version
I left the old post under this an d added more info
Regions Once you start getting any resource and it runs out going into another city the game acts like the resource is still being harvested ( or made )
Realizing this last night I started a new region Just with the idea of testing this bug .
3 city's started harvesting Game placed GOLD and crystals . ALL Gold harvested No bots harvesting and yet every time I get the resources from region GOLD comes in and crystals
Regions been in game a wile cant believe no one noticed this before lol .

I have like ten citys in one region and my atmosphere was hitting 23 million so I thought why not be smart about it .
started one region put in 100 or more scrubbers watched as I lost 250 k on resource counter .
then around 9 million I stopped them ( deactivated ) them whet to another city and resources still taking it away at 250 k rate so went back to the city they were in DELETED them ALL
and went back to my next city Still loosing 250 k Atsmophere down to under 4 million now .
went back and forther a few times no change . but I deleted Them all .

anyway to counter this bug I am building 200 big atsmophere producers but for now there is no way to reduce as scrubbers even DELETED take it away .
Had a similar issue with civics. Just stay on the region in question for a few minutes, saving frequently. Eventually the problem will resolve itself.
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I have noticed too some problem for balance atmosphere IN/OUT, but not only from the 0.83.

Some time ago, everything was perfect, atmosphere between 10M-11M, and i good day i have decided to improve my robot input (x2-x3), until then 6 scrubber was enough for balance the city atmosphere, so i build other scrubber.. in few hours the atmosphere was 15 millions. So i build many other scrubber, no effect (because i was playing in an other city), after that the atmosphere become a schizophrenic with dissociated multiple personalities and manic episodes. No correlation between the input and output, some time -500k for min, one more building, +120k for min.. After few day, not sure how, when, why, who, the atmosphere was balanced to 4 millions, now is slowly growing (4.7M atm), but is under control.

ps. try to balance the city, not the region. So if one city produce 100k air, try to consume 100k.
down to 2.5 million atsmophere at this point I built 135 of the big atmosphere makers probly will need another 50 to Counter the scrubbers that are going ( lucky I noticed this another hour I would be out of atmosphere totally
anyway its easy to see just use a region build 100 scrubbers let them run a wile then goto another city run it then delete the scrubbers then go back between the ciys no matter how many times you do the game acts like the scrubbers are still there
It does not matter HOW long I stay in region or what city I enter the bug just keeps bugging lol
With this bug You could delet EVERY thing in a city and as long as you got storage you would still get the resources that city was making lol
the new region for testing this bug on ly has 3 citys NO gold left to harvest But gold still coming in at over 5 k each time No matter how many times I change which city I am in or how long I am in region view .

this is a fun bug went and started yet another region to see just how far this bug goes .
so using every short cut ( 1500 labs I got Artificial intelligence in a couple hours Built one .
my research then was coming in at 35,000 on the resource counter ..
when to the second city ( which just has storage wated for stats to update then went back to the first city and deleted EVERY lab and the one artificial intelligence building .
then went beck to the second city and wated . Not one building in ether city for producing research .
bammm 10 k research comes in lol .

anyway works with any resource once started the resource never stops No matter what you do .
I could go to my main delete every building Except storage and still be getting the same amount of resources I am now .
ps The city that had the research buildings Does not have research still coming in it is only when I goto the second city it comes in ( went back between citys a few times now its still going .
I could using just two citys build every thing one step at a time say research Deleted then say civc ( banks ) deleted then and get every resource comeing in from just one city and after words delete every building in it lol .
Out of allthe bugs I have found over the last 2 years this one has got to be hands down the funnest one
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