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Starting from scratch. Learn from my mistakes?


Ok, so here's the deal...

I started the colony of glasstable a few weeks ago.

As you can see i made some fair progress with her :)

Problem is, a few days ago i had the ''brilliant idea'' to go for top population colony for the fun of it.

That's when the trouble began....

All of a sudden at one point saving the game started taking 2-3 minutes instead of seconds. The game also stared lagging quite severely. I thought to myself that maybe it was the new population map that i made on the region could have caused it (i'm sure it did) , so i deleted it (buldosed that f**ker to oblivion) . So i continued playing and expanding.

Now the problem is that it only solved part of the problem.
Indeed the game was saving much better now (still no 2-3 seconds, but like 20 secs) , but i was still experiencing lags. I've been trying to fix this for days now and no success.

Funny thing is that this happened to me in the past with another region map i started back in november or something. I figured maybe the problem was solved but i was mistaken....

Bottom line is that i will be starting a new region map under my own commonwealth ( am i cheating here? ) and get a fresh start... sort of.

I'm curious if anyone else experienced any problem symilar to mine or is it just my PC that messes up things for me.

I'm actually glad to start over and hopefully not repeat the same mistake again. :)

PS : going for population messed up regular massive maps of mine as well (none-region) . Could it be the large amounts of arcology/fantasy arcology buildings?
yes I get that problem from time to time
tehre are quite a few fixs . if one does not work another mite .
What device you play on ?
Intel I7 , 4x 256 GB SDD hard drives tied in RAID 0 , 128 GB RAM DDR4 , Nvidia graphics 8 GB...

I doubt my PC can't handle it :)

Oh, and windows 10
o its never the pc lol
I only ask because the fix depends on the device .
Now please what version you use Desktop or the launcher ?
or browser ?
Steam version. But the same happened in the past with the desktop version
First of, just deleting the map from region screen and not deleting things inside the map 1st is not a good idea, from what I've noticed the region will still get some data from the now non-existing and not accessible map.
Also, full pop maps tend to cause issues, unemployed people just cause lag after a certain point from the few tests I did. Using normal arcologies over fantasy ones can help since most ppl get work places inside the arcology itself, but I'd still not overcommit to more than 1.5M pop on single region map.
Can't say much about normal maps, haven't played one since forever.
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