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Local game NO near by player's Found ( on the same PC ) Any Please how does this work

I just took my main OFF line as a local colony I have another Local colony ( OFF LINE )
Clicking messages says No near by players found on your network .
Both are even on the same PC .
So why do I not have access to two local colony's on the same pc ???
Any answer would help PS i do have a back up of my main maybe i can get it v=back on line with losing all my resources .
But this should be working ! And i sure dont want to lose my resources going back on line .
So how do I use the OFFLINE with two colonys on the same network - pc thank you .
pretty sure you can't trade with other players (even yourself on same PC) while offline. It's pretty much a singleplayer game when offline. Offline colonies only have access to import and export for resource exchange.
all you should need to do is place transmission hub when you click it offers the option of gifting with other offline colonys on the same network try it
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