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How to sync the same colony with the desktop version and the mobile version?

Hello everyone

I am kinda bit lost. I have read the FAQ and saw that there indeed is a synchronization between the mobile version and the desktop version.
I have created a new colony on my android and installed the desktop version on my linux computer. Unfortunately, the colony I had created wasn't showing up on my desktop version.

I do have an ape-apps and premium account.

Now my question is: Does the synchronization actually work between the mobile and desktop version? If so how can I troubleshoot this incident?

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I am not 100% sure, since I never used it, but there's no direct sync between mobile and desktop version in general. I think you have to get into the colony you created and activate cloud sync in the statistics page (Overview), this could enable sync between the platforms. But also you might need to copy the game file and save it in the Save Files-Folder of your Computer, I am not sure where this folder is with Linux as OS.

(I think Cloud Sync works with an Service not connected to MyColony or Apeapps.

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Copy save file between pc/mobile device. Don't know if there's any way to automatically update it from a cloud or something.

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