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Increase Clay output on UDD"s, or increase clay mine amount

Before I say my peace, let me tell you that I am somewhat near the end of the game, but not quite there yet. There may yet be another way to obtain clay automatically that I'm not aware of. If this is the case, please let me know.

clay has always been a hard resource for humans to get going and stay going because there is very limited production coming from UDD's and each clay mine only has 1.5k clay. With some buildings requiring upwards of 100k bricks and pottery, you'd have to build a giant clay-mining array and constantly have the mines rebuilt as they quickly disappear just to build one 100K brick building, and this is way too tedious. I understand that clay needs to have some sort of challenge since it's a more valuable resource, so micromanaging mines should stay the same. However, I think that too much micromanaging is required to get a good amount of clay.

Because of this, I think the clay industry for humans needs to be adjusted, or at least the production amounts. The issue could easily be fixed by giving each mine 5k clay instead of 1.5k clay, which would still make micromanaging a necessity but lighten the need just a little. Or, you could do the other thing and raise clay produced in UDD's to 10 instead of 3. I mean, those things are huge and dig deep into the ground, so you'd think that more than 3 units of clay per round would be produced.

Which is the more valuable resource? alien arts or clay? Obviously it's arts, so why would a UDD only produce as much clay as it does arts? and why is clay even harder to get than arts at end-game? Shouldn't we be able to produce much more clay than arts? Resources' values in the real world depend on availability and how easily it can be produced. If arts are more available than clay, then let's call it like it is, clay is the more valuable resource. However, since clay costs less than arts, the gbt would disagree. So we have a lapse in the logic of the game, a lapse that has been needing fixing for a long time.
There is no such end game building, and it's funny because it makes clay more valuable end game than mid-game.
I like that situation, it makes big colonies who unlocked Relic Studies and don't want to bother with UDDs buy to less developped colonies. Makes mid-game colonies (a bit) more important to the whales.

I think giving more capacity to clay mines would make early game more easy and end game players won't want it anyway because you have to manage the mines, so if there's something to change that is more clay from the UDDs.
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I don't see many problem correlated to the clay (wood for human is worse..). In any case..

We have end game building and currently are: Starport/startship yard and research Converter.

Clay can be a problem only until you start to mass constructions Research converter.. And can be a problem only if you want thousand and thousand of brick/pottery factory, but you only need this amount of resources only if you start to build starport/starship yard or converter.. Maybe Bank.. but you don't need 4000-5000 banks if you don't fill map of starship yard or converter..
textile mills need them, and they are slow, so building a lot of textile mills is a must, especially since cloth is needed for all of the tall buildings.
Yes.. but the game have already better solution.. (research converter).

You are asking something already present in game.

Human have already better clay production, human have already better cloth production, or brick, or other stuff.

Is like complain about the aluminum generator, or the relic production from the dig site, to bad we have already an other much better solution.
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