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Can't build ore mines in water world

I'm on a water planet with pockets of dry land and light green earth. I can build gold mines but not ore mines. When I try to build an ore mine the dialogue box says "No build options. Nothing to build at this time."

What am I doing wrong?
Actually ore mines Are not availble on water world base, try to build ore fracking operation asap. If you have used all the ore already, you will have to micromanage trees.
As peccal said, the buildable Ore Mine is not available in Water World. It is only available in Red and Earthlike planets.

There are 2 options if you have used up all the existing ore mines :
1. Build Ore Fracking Operation ( ) if you have the necessary research unlocked.

2. If you are still somewhat far from that, make sure you reach 1 mil atmosphere. With 1 mil atmosphere, you can rebuild the trees, mine them for wood, convert wood into charcoal, then build Charcoal Compactor ( It should provide some ore input until you can beeline to unlock the Ore Fracking Operation.
If you are almost running out of ore deposits, what you can do is quickly get charcoal production prepared and start producing ore from charcoal, this is the strategy.
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