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Arcologies seem to be broken

Whenever I build an Arcology, my population max DOES rise, but then the number of unpopulated jobs rises even more.

Right now, I have only one subterranean house and 4 Arcologies. One isn't populated, but the house and the other 2 are.
Due to the fact that you only put 7K workers in an Arcology, but it still allows you 3K unemployed workers, shouldn't the amount of unfilled jobs dramatically shrink with an Arcology?

I had about 132 unemployed with only subterranean houses, but now, I have 40K (roughly what with my sheep farms having housing in them) population total and at max, but 50K jobs in total.

In theory, I should infact have 9K unemployed workers, but I don't, instead, I am gaining 3.5K-ish more jobs than I should be gaining. This is ending up messing with pretty much everything to do with jobs and new facilities not working upon completion.

I LOVE the idea of an Acrology. Basically the ULTIMATE solution to mass population problems such as limited clinic space and colonists have to walk to a stadium or park for entertainment, but atm I think building them isn't worth it in the long run. Fully staffed, Arcologies are seriously awesome, producing tons of cash, and just only for housing colonists more or less, but fully housed Arcologies seem to be rare, even if I think housing's supposed to be free in them, but entertainment isn't supposed to be.

3 Arcologies are fully housed, save for one, which still have about 400-ish population space. But I'm at max population atm.

If I keep building Arcologies, will the mass job openings and lack of full housing solve itself eventually?
I've done a couple of fire drills and it doesn't fix the job problems.

Didn't post this in a Bug Report forum because I think I'm just missing something than the game having a legit problem.
It's not arcologies; it's the statistical nature of the engine. Everyone is trying to figure out what makes the engine catch some problems like this but why it overlooks many other problems like this.
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I've found out my problem with too many open jobs. I just merely needed to treat each arcology like it only housed 3K people, since 7K would get absorbed by the Arcologies themselves.

But there IS some poorly numbered ones even still.
There is the fantasy land Arcology which just grants you 16k population.

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Zelfin said:There is the fantasy land Arcology which just grants you 16k population.

16k housing and entertainment
Doesn't the description of the arcology specifically state it provides no entertainment ?

Fantasy Land Arcology description :

"A mega residential habitat where dreams become reality, at least until reality sets in. Robots take care of all manual tasks, so the residents can play all day. Provides massive housing but no jobs, entertainment, or other services. Consumes Toys, Rum, Cloth, and Robots."
Normal Arcology gives 10k pop, of which 7k get a job and 3k become unemployed unless you have open jobs somewhere. But in the scenario you have all jobs filled and you build 1 arco. you get 10k pop extra. 7k are employed within the arco itself and 3k gets unemployed and wander the world waiting for a job position to open.
On a sidenote, colonists dont seem to like the arco┬┤s much. Usually it affects happiness.

Fantasyland Arco gives 16k pop and nothing else. Just the largest form of housing.
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