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Citizens walking in circles around the city center.

#1 2019-06-09 06:10:36
As stated in the title, my citizens are walking in circles in the city center. They do not work, sleep, or utilize entertainment (as far as I can tell) and some industries are grinding to a halt because of it. I'm also pretty sure a couple have marched until they died.

At first I thought they were protesting, and some of them are, but most are perfectly happy and just... marching around doing nothing. I've tried fire drilling them, raining money on them, and just building more housing near major industries to see if that helps, but still they walk in circles. Am I doing something wrong?

I noticed this issue first with PC ver. 0.87, and the upgrade to ver. 0.88 hasn't fixed it.

I'm playing as the LIS on a Water World, with a population of about 530 in case it's relevant.
#2 2019-06-11 13:10:35
I've been seeing this in a few different places it looks like it's a bug that some are having are you on regions?
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#3 2019-07-29 09:45:28
do they have enough money, food and drink? what is with your happiness stats? they are rioting :) not rain money.. just give in some little amounts. or have your problem solved?
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