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Geothermic World! (New map idea)

#1 2019-07-11 06:51:11
Hello guys!
The name is Wadaling.

Imagine there are planets that are hot and filled with mists, steam geysers and hot brine puddles pop out from rocky grounds and the ground blanketed with blue Microgravity Moss (supposed there can be some microbiotics that can survive in hot and low pressure surface enviornments), and hot tunnels thoughout the underground that has rich mineral reserves than the surface. Here it is, the geothermal world!

Digging a new mine is way too dangerous for the rovers as they will easily dig into a steam cave that can cause severe damage to the little machines by the steam jetting out. So underground mining has to be done manually or do it with specialized vehicles.
Direct extraction of water can be only done with condensing steam from underground (slowly) in the early stage, so make sure you are well prepared when you are planning to expand population. Later you can put brine desalination plants onto the brine tiles to extract more water (along with some minerals).
The planet is not favourable for growing sugarcane does not mean the insectnoids has no solution. They can digest the blue moss into sugar.
This planet begins with terraforming Stage 1.
Don’t dig too deep - This planet has a thin crust only.
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#2 2019-07-13 04:01:54
Today I will introduce some important buildings for basic survival.

1. Small Steam Collector
A small device that allows you to collect steam from underground and condense them into water, with energy-efficient design, but just the water comes slowly.

2. Floating Brine Distiller
Unlocked when you have researched Basic Brine Desalination. It has to be built on a brine (or salt water) tile, and consumes quite large amount of power (it consunes 8 power). However it gives the modest supply of water as a water pump do. Also generates a minor amount of ore from the residue.

3. Small Mineshaft
Rovers cannot withstand the hot enviornment underground and the only solution to have a continuous mineral supply is dig a little mineshaft and leave the mining job done by your colonists.

4. Small Geothermal Turbine
Solar power is not efficient as the misty atmosphere of Geothermic World. However there’s better alternatives - You can simply use the renewable hot steam from underground to push the turbine and it gets the job done better than solar power. Generates 45 power.
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