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Sending people home

I think there should be a mechanic that whenever a colonist gets under 30% health or energy the colonist will go either to the hospital/medic clinic for health, or an entertainment facility or go to their home to sleep. If a colonist gets under 50% health/energy then the colonist doesn't work as efficiently. Also, you should be able to send colonists home if there is a bug you should be able to tap them then click a button that says go home.
I shall call this function a complusory day off šŸ˜œ
You can help by EXPANDING IT.
General, do you work for the devs or are you one?
PresidentAliMudaha12 said:General, do you work for the devs or are you one?

Iā€™m not a dev but a madman (bypass) who loves this game, and yet I have spammed (or saying present) lots of ideas in the forum of another game before.
You can help by EXPANDING IT.

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