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H3110 guys!

Biotechnology helps human survive, for sure. Some biotechnology also increases productivity. So today, let’s see what biotechnology ideas I would like to introduce to My Colony!

New Technology!
Neo-Biotechnology - Find the key to begin innovate your colony productivity with biotechnology!
Industrial Bacteria Usage - Learn how to use special bacteria for boosting productions.
Cyber-biotechnology - Find ways to combind the biotics with machines!
Biosteel Production - Learn how to make Biosteel, which are widely used in Neo-biotechnology.

New Resources!
Biosteel (bs) - A series of organic alloy compounds that are bond-able with a wide range of organic compounds, without harmful impact on living organisms.
Bionic Components (bc) - These living bionic components can be used for making prosthetics, artificial organs, bionic robots, and even artificial brains.

Building Ideas!
Vitromeat Fabrication Lab - Grows vitromeat in a lab environment! Vitro-meat is based on the real-world stuff, for more details, have a look on this wiki: . Consumes water and atmosphere.
Bioplastics Lab - Make use of special bacteria to synthesize plastics out of raw food! Slower than plastic factory.
Adv. Bioplastic Lab - Make bioplastic (but still plastic) produced in industrial scale!
Microbial Trash Decomposer - Manage mass-amount of trash using bacteria with lower emissions!
Microbial Food Lab - Trash are digested by special bacteria and turn into edible food. Also consumes water.
Microbial Brewery - Direct upgrade of rum distillery. ×5 production speed.
Biosteel Refinery - Fabricates Biosteel from food, water and steel! Operation requires bots.
Bionic Component Factory - Makes bionic components from Biosteel, microchips and food! Operation requires bots.
Prosthetics Clinic - Further upgraded large clinic that also heals people using bionic components.
Bionic Robot Factory - Tired of robot factory’s aluminium consumption? The bionic components can greatly reduce metal component requirements!
Bionic Brain Server - This server gives epic amount of bandwidth! Requires bionic components, food and water to maintain.
You can help by EXPANDING IT.
Lol, you are going to exhaust bast, at the rate of which you are giving ideas bast may forget some previous ones
CriticalDupe said:Lol, you are going to exhaust bast, at the rate of which you are giving ideas bast may forget some previous ones

Sounds like it’s time to take a break 😅
You can help by EXPANDING IT.
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