H3110 guys! (•ω•)

Have you ever imagined about, where you can find something special and great that will help the development of your colony, and something that you can show to the entire galaxy!

What are the Great Artifacts?
The Great Artifacts are the special artifacts you may dig out from a special dig site - The Epic Excavation Site, which requires technology Archaeology.
Each Great Artifact have their special buff and some of them may unlock special exclusive technologies. Such as Quantum Computing, from the Quantum Computer Prototype Blueprints of the Ancients.

How to Obtain the Great Artifacts?
You can launch an excavation project anytime once you have enough resources to perform one. An excavation may not yield one Great Artifact , but it will always brings back great treasures - from the great warlord’s treasury to the old starships.

The Artifact Collection
Some Great Artifacts can makes up a Collection, which will further gives your colony a greater buff. It may not be easy, but the outcome of having a collection would worth a great achievement.

Here comes the ideas for what Great Artifacts you will have a chance to find!

Artifacts of the Nature
These are the artifacts that comes directly from nature itself. 100% nautral!
  • The Bender Crystal
    Some super-rare crystallines exist in a wierd way, they can twist the surrounding 3-dimensional space, allowing teleporting matters from place to place, it’s the major cause of many abounded mineshaft myths of disappearence of diggers. However, even for now, it’s extremly valuable for its special use for building advanced stargates in a cheaper mean, and its contribution to the recent quantum research.
    Stargate building cost -30%,
    Reveal a researchable option Advanced Teleport Theory.
  • Permanent Ice
    The ice that never melts. Even when thrown into lava, the lava would cool into obsidian in no time while the ice is still complete. In the ancient times most aliens believed it is some fragments of the power of the winter god; but thanks to technological development, we found out it is an spacial ether compound that only has 0.0000000003014% occuarence in the galaxy.
    Nuclear power plants and alien technology operates with halfed water/coolant consumption.
    Atmosphere condensers operates 20% faster.
  • Pure Neutronium
    Composed of neutronium only, also known as Element No.0, is the most inert and super-rare material in the galaxy, used for making superresistant materials.
    Buildings will require 20% less maintainence costs.
    Reveals a new researchable option neutronmaterials.

Grand Relics of Galactic Emperors
The Galactic Empire, the superior state of the Galaxy, has a very long history. What the Emperors had left are something powerful.
  • Lost Pages of the Imperial Codex
    The legendary 10 million page long Imperial Codex, formulated by Emperor Pestoberg, had brought the best and the most fair standard of law, and it also brought order and peace to the Galaxy for centuries. However it is lost, and it is scattered into different sectors of the galaxy.
    Unhappiness factor effects is halfed.
    Unlocks a building, Highest Court of Justice.
  • Documents of I.C.U.
    The most famous spying agency in history, Intelligence Collection Union, was used to supervise the enemies, rebels, and even allies and subjects of the Empire, and known for doing evil censorship activities for the Emperors. It is dissolved and reformed into the present day Imperial Department of Public Security (due to the exposure of the agents triggered a galactic crisis)by the Emperors, their documents are said to be ‘destroyed’. Although these documents are the things you shouldn’t find, but they are valuable for developing spy agency and all-seeing security organizations.
    Reveals a public security technology, Spy Agency.
  • The Scepter of the Emperors
    In the early times of the Empire, the sign of power is represented by the the Scepter. But somehow they discontinued using them. Instead, they are replaced by Unholy Crowns that used by the present-day Empire. Despite they were not used by the Empire anymore, they were important evidences of early galatic monarchy.
    Civics production increase by 15%.
    Unlocks a researchable option Galactic Monarchy.

The Remains of the Titan Civilization
Credits to @luker124.
The Titans are the colossal warlike humanoids (actually it’s like human, except they are huge) who had dominated the Galaxy before the birth of the Galactic Empire. The majority of the Titans were killed (mostly were slaughtered by the Alpha Draconians) in the Titan Wars, and the Empire evicted rest them from most parts of the galaxy afterwards. An average Titan were about 500m tall, according to the documents of the Imperial Library. The fate of extinction of them is still unknown.
  • The Gigantic Skeletons of Titan Warriors
    These are the remaind of dead Titans, probably killed in the War. They contain traces of special DNA that are has unestimatable scientific and military values, yet, these bones are difficult to find now because it’s very long time ago the Titan Wars ended, most of the bones might have become huge lumps of limestones. Their DNA also require special techniques to extract, it might be another great chance to research better genetic technology.
    Reveals a researchable option Neo-Genetic Modification Technology.
  • Bracelets of the Titan Crusaders
    Usually what people can see is something like gigantic arc structures, but it’s not. They are actually accessories of the Titan Crusaders, with a complete Warrior’s Codex of Titans craved on it.
    Reveals a researchable option Militarism.
  • Combat Suits of the Titan Warriors
    Because Titans had terrifying stregth that they can crumple a 5-meter-thick slab of titanium, and their huge size, their clothing must not be made of ordinary materials, and must be easy to produce. Titans are actually the first civilization that developed the superresistant fabric in the galaxy.
    Cloth production is 20% faster.
    Reveals a researchable option Advanced Fabrics.

More ideas are coming!