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Unholy pit of insectnoid ideas

H3110 guys! (πŸœΟ‰πŸœ)
What I can see now are only the running ants

Total building ideas count - 33

Here is my ultimate list of ideas regarding INSECTNOIDS! Re-intergrated from my previous ideas along with things new!
Warning - Extreme length, might never get complete, and potential FORUM HAZARDS.

Artworks freshly posted in comments!

New Techs
  • Automatons
    It’s time to ask yourself - Can Insectnoids build their own robots?
  • Ceramic Construction
    Have some sturdy, regular-in-shape and smooth ceramic buildings so as to make a insectnoid colony look nice and comfortable!
  • Complex Machineries
    Learn about how to construct complexed machines that will bring the rise of industrial machines.
  • Insectnoid Space/Storage Management
    Sometimes when things go extreme - when there is lots of things and broodlings everything has to get packed altogether. Learn ways to utilize all available space wisely in a very packed space.
  • Industrialization
    Learn how to bring industrial class productions into insectnoid colonies, to increase resource output and produce advanced goods!
  • Insectnoid Mind Network
    This tech has already introduced into the game but it still does nothing.
  • Insectnoid Mega-structure
    Learn how to build massive structures in insectnoid style.

New Buildings
  • Automatons Assembling Yard
    This is where the crudest yet functional insectnoid robots are built.
  • Silo of Supplies
    A well-decorated intermediate storage silo fortified with ceramic. Provide 8500 units of storage for every resource.
  • Tower of Stuff Great Silo of Stuff
    Serves as a pre-upgrade of Unholy Pit of Stuff. A large storage fortified with beautiful creamic that provides 50000 storage for each resource.
  • Glazed Mound
    A beautiful glazed ceramic mound that serves as an intermediate, to house 400 people but loses food production advantage.
  • Bugzaar
    A insectnoid market for selling fresh goods to your broodlings and tourists at a bargained price! Consumes food, sugar, water and rum to produce money. Good for economy.
  • Grand Bugzaar
    A grand insectnoid market where greatest bargains deals are made!
  • Insectnoid Water Park
    Nomatter who they are, rich and poor, big and small, they just can’t resist the fun playing in this water park.
  • Painted Water Vats
    A ceramic fortified taller water vats decorated with paints that provides more water storage.
  • Potterbug’s Mound
    Where insectnoid potters bake clay for making some fine ceramic goods!
  • Turbine Spire
    A massive power spire that utilizes machines - It is modified into a powerful steam engine that generates 700 power, burning charcoal. Additionally consumes water.
  • Charcoal Spire
    A massive power spire that burns charcoal to generate 400 power each, without caring about the chocking black smokes.
  • Smoldering Kiln
    A better kiln for producing more charcoal efficiently than a smoldering pit.
  • Insectnoid Vertical Wind Turbine
    Though not very efficient at all (output 45 power), it has the zero-emission advantage.
  • Pyramid of Processing
    It's simply a powerful internet utility, but requires robots to run.
  • Clay Mill
    A clay production facility. Serves as an upgrade for clay pit.
  • Thermite Reactor (3Γ—3)
    By the strong reaction between aluminium and ore, it generates 4750 electricity! Also requires water to run.
  • Sugar Collider (3Γ—3)
    What would happen when hot granules of sugar collides with the cold crystalline powder? It can generate lots of power by the temperature difference of them! Yields 7000 power.
  • Honey Garden
    A large farming facility... or saying, a beautiful garden, for growing huge flowers and extract nectars from them for making one of the most luxurious and nutritious food in a insectnoid diet - honey (but also counted as food). Also provides a place for insectnoids to relax!
  • Antanium Blast Furnance
    Using industrial blast furnances for producing antanium more efficiently than the stone age antanium furnances!
  • Paste Soil Sugarcane Farm
    Use ant pastes as fertilizers and grow sugarcanes on this fertile land. What it can give is lotta of sugar that is more than farming directly on a piece of land.
  • Alchemy Hive
    Insectnoids has found ways to produce various expensive metals (gold and aluminium) from ordinary ore... here is where the alchemists performs the magic of the alchemy!
  • Insectnoid Mineral Thumper
    An insectnoid fracking mining operation that serves as a intermediate upgrade of Mining Operation, which produces more ore and gold; while also produces clay and aluminium.
  • Paste Plant
    A large ant paste production facility, using heaters to foster the process of turning sugar, water and saliva into ant paste.
  • Dome of Insectnoid Fine Arts
    The artworks of the Insectnoids always involved their beautiful dreamy imaginations and meditations, their painting styles are liked by most people around the galaxy.. Some insectnoids will go into this gallery in their free time and paint their own imaginations on sheets of papers (out of fresh wood) and show them to the tourists. Also requires some rum, as drunk insectnoids can have much better masterpieces...
  • Sauna Mound
    One of the best place to relax after a entire day of tiring jobs! Meanwhile it’s also enjoyed by the tourists.
  • Starbucks StarDocks
    An Insectnoid version starport.
  • Cargo Launcher Array
    Large insectnoid trade facility for exports and imports of wider range and larger amount of goods.
  • Interstellar Alter of Integrated Thought
    This serves as an upgrade as Interstellar Pad of Thoughts. But it’s stronger as the utilization of Insectnoid Mind Network is able to integrate pure and raw thoughts into greater mythical power.
  • Mind Bank
    Serve as an upgrade for the Mound of Scholars. This is the place where pure great thoughts and knowledge accumulated and collected from the insectnoids. Provides high level education by inserting raw thoughts and knowledge into their tiny brains while also produces a minor amount of research and a trace amount of antaura from it.
  • Mind Meditation Hub
    Here you can relax, throw away your daily troubles and enjoy the mediation accompanied with the chilling mind illusions inserted into your brain. This mind treatment is well known among every civilization in the galaxy for its high effectiveness treating depression and mental disorders.
  • Hall of United Minds
    Establish a government institution to manage matters of insectnoid-importance that goes into the minds of your subjects. Generates civics.
  • Vaults of Galactic Investment
    This is the investment bank for insectnoids!
  • Labor Camp
    A massive multi-mound complex that is interconnected together with its enormous subterranean tunnel network and houses 1500 people.
  • Farming Well
    A deep subterranean vertical farming facility for Zolarg.
  • Root-Chopping Burrow
    Plant some megatrees. Dig a burrow below them. And begin chopping their big roots in the burrow.
  • The Megamound
    A gigantic arena for holding all sorts of tournaments and races!
  • Brooding Hatchery
    When you need lots of new workers in a short time, this hatchery has got lots of comfy nests for hatching new broodings.


If you have your own ideas, post it here :-D
You can help by EXPANDING IT.
(with some new ideas)
You can help by EXPANDING IT.
I think another cool addition would be a triantanium forge: it would use antanium, uranium, and robots to make triantanium. Triantanium could then be used in the construction of some late game buildings for them, as well as some other ideas, such as: trireactor spire (uses a reaction between triantanium and antaura to create massive amounts of power), tri-uranium generator (insectoids found out that using triantanium, aluminum, and crystalline, they can synthesize huge amounts of uranium!), and potentially other things. I also like Stardocks, I really think that every race should actually be able to use starships for something other than just selling them.

Also, I love the images! Like, they look so well made and some of them (an immediate one being the glazed mound) look like they could've come right out of the game! Even if he doesn't implement the individul buildings' functions, I would *love* to see all of those textures make it into the game!
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