About time? I have just published Colony Wars Beta 4 (v0.4.0) which you can get right now on Android, Chrome OS, Ape Web Apps, or from the Ape Apps Launcher! This update adds some nice goodies that people have been waiting for, so let's take a look at what is new!

Yes, I have finally started adding Naval combat to the game. To accomidate this, we have two new structures and two new units. Everything starts from the new Naval Yard, which opens up construction for the Patrol Boat, and Amphibious Transport, and the Aquatic Pillbox.

Airborne Units
The engine now more fully supports airborne units, as well as the ability to have certain units be able to target either land/air/sea, or a combination thereof. To go along with these new capabilities are the brand new Jetpack Infantry units.

These guys aren't very powerful, but they can go anywhere and if you aren't careful, they can sneak right into your base. The only unit right now that can take them down is the existing Rocket Infantry, which has been upgraded with airborne targeting.

Capture Non-Player Buildings
The game now supports non-player buildings that exist in the map before the game starts, that you can capture for additional benefits. At some point, there will be buildings that you can garrison troops inside of also. But right now, there is one new non-player building, the Ore Fracking Operation.

Just throw an engineer in there and it will start bringing in a stream of income. Note, there is a bug with the engineers where sometimes they will not enter a building properly, and you have to tell them to do it a bunch of times. I'm working on it!

To better demonstrate the new features, I have put together the following demo video.

So that's it for today's Colony Wars update. Let me know what problems you have, what you think of the update, and what you want to see next! There are already a bunch of suggestions in the forum which I will start getting to once the core engine features are complete.

I think for next update I want to look into adding super weapons, and the ability to drop a nuclear bomb right in the middle of your opponents base. It should be a blast! Until next time, thanks for reading, thanks for playing, and if you haven't checked out Colony Wars yet find links for all platforms at the following website: