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New Profile Page Types Available

Firstly, sorry for the recent errors on the website. I have been making a ton of changes and improvements, but you know how it goes with me, and sometimes things break!

That being said, there are three new profile settings you can set for your wall/profile.

Before, you could set the display style of your wall to either Forum or Blog, which would give you either your own personal forum section, or your own blog. Now there are three new settings you can pick:

Static Page
It's just what it sounds like. You can make your profile a static page now using any BB code from the reference. Use it to post information, info about yourself, links to your own projects, or whatever.

Photo Wall
The Photo Wall basically just displays all pictures which you have uploaded to the page. There are going to be expanded picture capabilities soon, so this type will be improving in the weeks ahead. It will also be getting the "infinite scrolling" feature, instead of using page numbers.

Recent Posts
You can also set your wall to just show your most recent posts and replies. Going forward, this is going to be the new default setting for all new accounts created after this moment.

So anyway, there you have is for the new Wall options. I was thinking of adding the Podcast function too to allow people to host their own podcast from the site, since it doubles as a fully functional podcast host (see the My Colony Podcast), but I am on the fence on that once since it could be ripe for abuse. It would be neat though.

I am making a lot off upgrades and improvements to the site over the next few weeks, so let me know of features you would like to see added/implemented/improved upon!
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