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LOGISTICS, PUBLIC TRANSIT, it’s transport utility!

#1 2019-10-15 11:55:57
H3110 guys!

‘🚚Beep-Beep! Your delivery!’
Logistics and transport has been very important in our lifes, from deliveries and industry supplies, to public transit.

So what it can be in My Colony?
Here it goes!

New Utility!
Logistics is a new utility for industries which they quickly consumes/produces resources or they produce massive, hazardous or heavy stuff like starships and uranium.
  • Courier Office
    Basic logistics building. Provides 15 logistics.
  • Delivery Truck Depot
    A better logistics building that consumes wheels to operate. Provides 65 logistics.

New Service!
Public Transit is a service to reduce commute length by ‘teleporting’ people between stations of the same type.
  • Passanger Van Depot
    Cheapest mean of public transit that serves 15 people at most at the same time.
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🚩Assembling all creative ideas!
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#2 2019-11-29 20:41:44
its an OK idea
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