H3110 guys!

Though fish is the exclusive resource in Water World - Zolarg don’t really ‘collects’ them, since they obtain food and sugar directly from fishes but not simply, fish.
So I think... why not let Zolarg be able to obtain fish, not just further expand the usage of this exclusive resource but also gives Zolarg some new stuffs in Water World?

Here it goes!

  • Drying Racks
    A fish drop off spot and storage for fishes. Also slowly converts fish into some food - Ever tried dry salted fish?
  • Fish Compost
    Just dump some fishes and fresh water with insectboid spits in and it will slowly become ant paste.
  • Fish Carbohydrate Extractor
    It’s an old useful trick from Insectnoids to extract sugar from fishs when they are slowly roasted in a burrow with wood. Also produces some food.
  • Mineral Press
    A crude man-powered compactor to turn the mixture of fish and charcoal into some ore.
  • Fishworks
    A better fish processing facility to turn fish into sugar and food, while also providing some storages for all of them.