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H3110 guys! (>ω<)

Somehow, I would like to have more characteristics for colonies.
Affinities. The magical thing that somehow like the core values in the society, what your people believed in. This would impact the way you govern your colony and may also comes with the new technologies, services and utilities.

Well, now this is still a prototype idea.
But here are my rough suggestions for the affinities:
  • Order
    Default affinity of United Earth. It do enhances colonial safety and smoothness of operations, but you are reminded about being overprotective will drag down your development.
  • Freedom
    Default affinity of League of Independent States. A free environment boosts development on all aspects, and people will be happy with that. As long as nothing goes on rampage.
  • Unity
    Default affinity of Zolarg Empire. Your colony can get much times as stronger than other colonies when you have more and more people, and make your colony not a easy target to mess with. However it means you have to maintain happiness of your people well, or else, they unite against you instead.
  • Supremacy
    Default affinity of Alpha Draconian. When adapted with this affinity your development can go really aggressive to achieve excellence over others, which greatly benefits your industries and research. However bad news and social problems will impact your colony morale more than others.
  • Harmony
    This advocates co-existance of everything, your colony will goes under more stable and balanced development other than focusing on something too much. Your people are less likely to be unhappy on other issues but health and pollution.
  • Faith
    When times are tough that people can trust nothing, faith, which promotes worships, keeps people together very well at the cost of technological and economy development, the colonial happiness will not easily drop down in all bad times.

So that’s what I have for now, at a concept level.
Tell me if you have any more ideas. Criticisms acceped. :p
You can help by EXPANDING IT.
Creative idea, I like it
My Colony

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