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LIS Interstellar Criminal Economy?

H3110 guys!

A fair warning here:
Contents related to crimes are included. Keep kids away from this post.

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Because the background of LIS is a state from and regarded as rebellion by United Earth, LIS’ border is surrounded by blockades that they might not be easy to fund themselves in normal ways. That’s why LIS has developed themselves some facilities such as black markets and hacker camps - The illegal means to get themselves money and resources from the outside - It’s the criminal economy.
Somehow, well. I am feeling like to expand LIS contents with some brand new buildings - totally smells like thugs and triads.

  • Privateer Tavern
    This is the place where you and others can hire the privateers - They know how to sneak through the full-border blockades of United Earth. If you are able to keep them a good supply of rum and cash, they are willing to work for you.
    For what booties the pirvateers can bring back, it’s up to your imagination, but might earn money.
    Also work as an entertainment building for 8 colonists.
  • Contraband Workshop
    Here is the place where your colonists manage to produce contrabands ranging from damp weed cigarettes to deadly firearms. Produces weapons and controlbands. Consumes steel, water, food and microchips.
  • Contraband Market
    A LIS operated secret black market operation that is specialized to distribute the contrabands and illegal firearms across the United Earth instead of buying common goods. You might earn some cash, but at an unstable price.
    Visitors may visit and drop $12 per visit.
  • War Supply Depot
    LIS really need constant supplies to combat United Earth’s blockade fleet - From food to water to firearms to steel. Generates civics and little money along the way.

Notes :
  • Weapons already introduced in my previous posts regarding security gameplay. For the latest, you can see from Grand Space Series - Security and Crimes.
  • Privateers are something like officially contracted mercenaries that are hired in the war for attacking trade routes and sometimes part of the fleet forces.
You can help by EXPANDING IT.
Lis are't criminal, eu are the real criminal!
Ansom said:pff
Lis are't criminal, eu are the real criminal!

Well I have no idea. But what else they can do to raise money and resources from outer worlds, besides those illegal ways?
As their story told, all ways they can interact with outside in normal means are useless for them as the United Earth imposed embargo and blockades on them.

(P.S. Don’t do anything illegal in the real world!!!)
You can help by EXPANDING IT.
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