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Tourism Prestige System?

#1 2019-10-29 13:36:23
H3110 guys!

It may not be the first time for saying the tourism is not as valuable as others after developing to the mid stage.
This reflects one sad fact - Tourism does not grow with the general development or even itself does not develop at all.

So here, may I introduce my idea to improve tourism - Tourism Prestige System.

In this system every tourist you have served will earn you prestige points (it can work like atmosphere but should have no harm or really something like EXP), which are primarily for upgrading your tourism prestige ranking.
With a better prestige level, your tourism will be primarily buffed with the tourism tax that grows with your prestige levels, which increases the tourism revenue earned from tourists (and be aware that colonist’s cost to relax in tourism buildings will also get more expensive). Prestige Ranking is divided into 6 ranks (including rank 0), by star rankings (⭐) similar to those in the real world. You are reminded about the tourist deaths will decrease your prestige points or even prestige downgrading.

Here is one more thing that comes with the tourism prestige system - Colony Sponsors.
The Sponsor are unlocked once your prestige ranking reached 1⭐. Your colony will begin to attract some investors to sponsor your colony - Of cause a higher prestige ranking will attract more better sponsors.
Every Sponsors needs civics to contract one, and they will permanently affecting your colony (some of them allows you to cancel the contract if you don’t want their effects). Each sponsor may bring different good stuff, from some instant cash investment to industry buffs to exclusive technologies.

Here are my ideas, hope you guys like it (>ω•)
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#2 2020-01-03 17:30:35
I wonder if we could have some sort of loan system, like if you need a certain amount of money or material you have x amount of time to pay back with resources they offor to accept, if you don't they start garnishing wages. Maybe they could have a resource called "souvenirs" you get x amount of profit selling them, or maybe you could have a price that you must meet to get these bonuses
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