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Laptop battery dying faster than it should

Hey everyone,
I have a relatively new (dec 16 bought) dell inspiron 15 7000. I think it's advertised to run for 11 hours. However i usually leave it charging 24/7 at home and only take it off bring it to school for lecture. This is where the problem starts. The laptop usually only last for 4-5 hours. Today it lasted for less than 3 hours (hence why I'm writing this thread while sitting in lecture cause i can't write notes lol) before it died it sent me a notification saying the battery is very low and i had like 7% left and some minutes left. It died in less than one minute. I dont understand how the battery monitoring is so inaccurate? I also had battery saver on and i had some program running such as chrome but i didn't have any game or seemingly heavy program running. The laptop wasnt hot either, it was just slightly warm. Anyone know what problem am i having or how to prevent this from happening again? I'm happy to provide you with more specs once i can access it.

Something i can think of is that some dust has gotten thru the gap around the keys and touchpad and interfere with it (i feel like the inside of my laptop is kinda dirty because i often see stuff getting into the gap), does this affect anything?

Thank you!
If you have it continuously plugged in, that destroys the battery. If you decide to get a new PC or new battery, only leave it plugged in until it is at 100%
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If the end of a charging cord is with long it might fall apart and pieces could get stuck inside your device
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